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University of Toronto Professor Exploits Position to Promote Israel Apartheid Week

Mar 16, 2017

In 2005, the University of Toronto was home to the founding of Israeli Apartheid Week, an annual anti-Israel hate-fest. More than a decade later, the propaganda has continued unabated and this year is no exception.

Hasbara Fellowships Canada, the country’s largest pro-Israel campus advocacy organization, has recently received student complaints that Dr. June Larkin, a professor at the university's Equity Studies program, has exploited her position to promote Israeli Apartheid Week programming to faculty and students through a widely-circulated department e-mail list. In response, Hasbara Fellowships Canada has lodged a complaint with the proper authorities in the department, and requested they conduct an immediate investigation into this matter.

According to one of the professor's students who requested anonymity:

"As a Jewish, pro-Israel student, I am intimidated and fearful of expressing my political opinions and support for the Jewish State when my professor openly advocates against my homeland. This conduct further reminds me that the promise of an inclusive campus does not extend to supporters of Israel."

Robert Walker, National Director of Hasbara Fellowships Canada, said: Universities are meant for challenging opinions and open discourse, but when a professor uses their position to promote this hateful and dangerous cause, they are not acting in the best interests of the campus community.

The University of Toronto was recently ranked 3rd worst university in North America for Jewish students by The Algemeiner, which reported that one regularly finds "orchestrated, organized anti-Israel programs and initiatives" at the University of Toronto, as "part of a larger, insidious project meant to demonize Israel on one of Canada's most prestigious campuses."

For more information, contact:

Robert Walker
National Director
Hasbara Fellowships Canada

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