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University of Toronto Event Whitewashes Terrorism

May 4, 2017

Anti-Israel events aren't rare but a recent event at the University of Toronto's education school, OISE, veered from misinformation into the repeated and purposeful whitewashing of terrorism against innocent Israelis and glorifying Palestinian prisoners, many of whom have committed murder.

Hasbara Fellowships Canada worked with one of our students, who recorded and documented the proceedings. The event, "Criminalizing Resistance," was "in honour of Palestinian Prisoners Day," according to promotional literature.

Multiple speakers and printed materials made reference to all Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons as 'political prisoners,' which purposefully ignores the very real violent terrorists currently in Israeli custody, perhaps most infamously Marwan Barghouti, a convicted murderer. 

Hasbara Fellowships Canada has contacted the Dean of OISE with a legal letter outlining their responsibilities to ensure a safe environment for all students, and continue to be in close contact with our Hasbara Fellows at the University of Toronto as well as our John & Rose Ziner Memorial Legal Task Force. 

According to Amanda Leah Jackson, a Hasbara student at OISE, said: "OISE is the education department of the University of Toronto, and it is both outrageous and highly ironic for them to host an event based on lies and misinformation. I expect the administration to take serious steps in this matter."

To sign a petition demanding the Dean of OISE take serious steps to ensure such propaganda has no place on campus, click HERE.

For information:
Robert Walker
National Director
Hasbara Fellowships Canada

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