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As A New Year Begins

Sep 7, 2017
By: Robyn Frum, Northeast Regional Advisor


Across North America, Hasbara Fellows are returning to their campuses empowered and ready engage their campus communities with Israel. Senior Hasbara Fellows, who received their training within the last three years are now overseeing the new generation of pro-Israel leaders to ensure continuity at their universities. New Hasbara Fellows that participated in the program this summer, are now equipped with the confidence and tools to make a quantitative and qualitative impact in their campus communities.

These next few weeks, the Hasbara Fellowships regional staff are travelling across 200 North American college campuses to build “Impact”, “Strategic”, and “Grant” plans all around the three pillars for effective advocacy: Building Your Base, Public Engagement, and Coalition Building. The Hasbara Fellows are taking active roles in the planning and implementation of these customized plans on their campus.

We are truly proud of each and every Fellow; it is not easy to do what they are doing. This pride and excitement is why we are looking forward to our launch of the “Hasbara Miles” program this year. Senior Hasbara Fellows (Fellows that have been active beyond 2 semesters following their training program in Israel), have the chance to earn “miles” for their work on campus and will be rewarded with exclusive prizes for themselves and their Israel clubs!

Each new academic year brings new challenges, visions, and a growing network of students being engaged with Israel. While Hasbara Fellowships focuses on empowering college student leaders to advocate for Israel, it is heartwarming to see how many Hasbara Fellows have graduated and are now beginning their careers in the pro-Israel world and beyond. Keep an eye out for our “Alumni Highlights” and our growing network of Hasbara Fellowships Alumni through our Facebook posts this upcoming semester.

As our Hasbara Fellowships family keeps growing, the impact on campuses grows as well. We are certain that this year will be even more successful than the last, and we are privileged to be working with such dedicated students and campus communities. Hasbara Fellows are not the leaders of tomorrow, they are the leaders of today!

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