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Anti-Semitic Campaign at McGill: Hasbara Fellows Respond

Oct 25, 2017

Hasbara Fellowships Canada, the country's largest pro-Israel campus advocacy organization, condemns the actions last night at the Student Society of McGill University’s General Assembly. According to the numerous Hasbara Fellows in attendance, a number of students at the General Assembly event voted against the confirmation of a Jewish member of the Board of Directors because he had been involved in Jewish communal life and it meant that he was in conflict of interest with the student body.

According to Hasbara Fellow David Naftulin, “For Jewish students who went to the General Assembly, the message we received was loud and clear – when it comes to finding members for the SSMU executive – Jews need not apply.”

According to Hasbara Fellow Eton Ziner-Cohen, "Despite the strides that the SSMU President has undertaken to ensure that this culture of vitriol is no longer tolerated, the campaign mobilized against students of Jewish heritage to remove them from positions of power was one that teemed with explicit anti-Semitic tropes and innuendoes."

The General Assembly comes on the heels of a recent SSMU decision that declared the BDS movement to be discriminatory, which prompted a campaign to delegitimize the SSMU president.

Robert Walker, National Director of Hasbara Fellowships Canada, stated: “Once again, anti-Israel agitators on university campuses are abusing a school’s democratic system for their narrow and hateful advantage, but the anti-Israel cause is losing ground, and these are its sleazy tactics.”


Last month, SSMU's Judicial Board voted to declare BDS unconstitutional. In response, a group called Democratize McGill launched a campaign to impeach SSMU president Mona Tojiboeva.

The 'Democratize SSMU's manifesto says that the Jewish student should be disqualified from serving on SSMU because of his involvement with CJPAC, an "organization whose explicit mandate is to promote pro-Israel discourse in Canadian politics, or primary organizers for the anti-BDS initiative at McGill."

For more information, contact:
Robert Walker, National Director
Hasbara Fellowships Canada

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