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Hasbara Fellowships staff is available for activism training seminars on your campus— for an evening, a day, a weekend, or an ongoing basis.  Additionally, Hasbara Fellowships, along with Jerusalem Online University, offers the Israel Inside/Out education and advocacy program. Whether you want an intimate session for top student leaders or a larger seminar to train and mobilize new activists, Hasbara Fellowships can tailor our curriculum to meet your needs.  Sessions can usually be done for free, so contact us today!

Please click here to download the Activism Training Brochure.

Hasbara Fellowships sessions include:

  • Communicating Effectively for Israel

- “Communicating for Israel” outlines the basic principles of effective communication when advocating for Israel. Participants are introduced to universal, engaging messages about Israel, and how to convey these messages effectively, even when facing anti-Israel questions or accusations. Topics include knowing your audience, elements of public relations, and techniques for conveying specific messages.

  • Answering the Most Difficult Questions about Israel

- This course is an in-depth examination of the most common claims against Israel, including the
allegations of ‘occupation,’ ‘excessive force,’ and ‘racism/apartheid.’
Participants learn how to identify and deconstruct anti-Israel myths, as well as classic techniques for framing conversations and debates.

  • Practical Advocacy Workshops

Hasbara Fellowships conducts stimulating and interactive workshops to train students how to conduct effective pro-Israel activism. Workshops can focus on one or several of the following areas, depending on the request and needs of the respective campus:

-        Building Your Israel Group and Cultivating Future Leadership

-        Building Coalitions with Other Campus Organizations

-        Using the Media to Spread Your Message

-        Utilizing Social Media

-        Tabling and Running Successful Events

-        Engaging the Unengaged on Your Campus

- Hasbara Fellowships staff can be on hand to help activist counter hostile events or situations on their campuses. Troubleshooting and workshop sessions include:

-        Defeating Anti-Israel Displays and Speakers

-        Dealing with Anti-Israel Professors

-        Role Playing: How to Have Meaningful Conversations and Win Debates

-        Countering Media Bias

  • Criticizing vs. De-Legitimizing Israel

- This session examines the tactics Israel’s detractors use to de-legitimize Israel through public opinion.  Topics include: how to determine when anti-Israel discourse crosses the line into anti-Semitism, how to identify and counter arguments against Israel’s right to exist, and how to combat Israel boycotts.

  • Israel Update: Current Events and Trends

- Hasbara Fellowships professionals provide updates on Israel-related current events, including relations with the Palestinian Authority and regional neighbors, terrorist threats, Iran’s quest for nuclear capability, and the US-Israel relationship. HF provides students with talking points on each subject, and relevant ideas for campus mobilization.

  • Taking Initiative on Iran

- This is a training session for Israel advocates seeking to mobilize against Iran’s nuclear quest, Participants learn about Iran’s history of state sponsored terror, human rights abuses, and development of weaponry. HF provides students with talking points on and strategies for campus mobilization.

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Please click here to download the Activism Training Brochure