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Social Media Internship Application

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Year in School*:    

Are you a Hasbara Fellow?*:    

Describe your current involvement with the Israel Group on your campus,including any social media roles.

Are you the main manager for FB?*    

Which social media platforms does your Israel group use?*

Please copy and paste the link to the main platform that your Israel groups uses*:

Does the president of your Israel group know that you are applying for this internship?*:    

In the event of a BDS campaign, would you be the person responsible for leading the social media counter-campaign on your campus?*:    

Which social media platform are you personally most frequently using?*

What do you hope to gain from this Social Media Internship?*:

How did you hear about this internship?*:

What are you majoring in while on campus?*:

Please provide a reference. Include First and Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and the best time to reach them*: