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Israel Inside at WMU

Nov 13, 2012

By: Danny Gaynor

Daniel Gaynor, a Hasbara Fellow at Western Michigan University, writes about his experiences with an Israel Inside screening he held on Monday.

Blue and White Forever, the pro-Israel group at Western Michigan University, was started last year by Fellow Caryn Zeitlin.  They will continue the People to People campaign with tabling in the coming weeks.

My event on Monday, November 12th was a screening of the film "Israel Inside and Out: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference". While planning this event I kept thinking of the last words Benjamin Anthony had said to my Hasbara group in Jerusalem. He said, "If you don't advocate for Israel, who will". His last words were so powerful and are what motivated me to teach others about Israel. As a result of my Hasbara training I was very eager to plan this event.

I am the Vice President of Hillel@WMU so my main medium of advertisement was through Hillel. I made a Facebook event where I invited everyone from Hillel and other friends I knew would be interested. I also told students in both of my political science classes about this event.  I was also fortunate enough to get assistance from Caryn Zeitlin, the Hillel@WMU Israel Relations Chair, who helped me execute this event. If it wasn't for her this event would have been harder to achieve.
  In my opening remarks I talked about how the film is viewing Israel beyond the conflicts and cliches. I also explained that the film shows the psychological analysis of the population in Israel. After the movie ended I asked people questions like what they liked most and what was most surprising. I was happy to get many responses, especially the more detailed ones.

Educational events like Israel Inside screenings are great places to spot future leaders and recruit them for advocacy training programs!  Check out Hasbara's Winter Israel Program and spread the word to interested students - spots are filling up so apply ASAP!
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