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Israel Program H2: Days 1 -2 Update

Dec 26, 2012

The Hasbara Fellows have arrived in Israel for their activism training seminar in Israel.  The Hasbara Campus Pulse will keep you updated on a daily basis, as this class of Hasbara Fellows explores Israel, learns the issues, and prepares to return to campus as ambassadors for Israel.

The Hasbara Fellows were briefed at Alfei Menashe by University of Haifa professor and IDF Major, Elliot Chodoff. The town is built in Samaria which many believe should be conceded to the Palestinians. The view from the town, however, includes Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, and the Mediterranean Sea. The site illustrates the indefensible nature of Israel's pre-1967 borders, and the risks that Israel has taken for peace.
Hasbara Fellows enjoy the view from the roof of the Aish Hatorah Building in the Old City on their first full day in Israel.

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