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Hasbara Fellows Help Defeat BDS Initiative at University of Toronto

Nov 16, 2016

The anti-Israel BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) movement has been dealt another blow at the University of Toronto.  The Graduate Students Union of the University of Toronto’s General Council rejected with a 34-17 vote (and 11 abstentions) a plan to make the BDS ad-hoc committee a formal part of the graduate student organization.

Hasbara Fellows Chaim Katz and Ari Blaff, along with graduate students Kyra Morris and Aidan Fishman helped defeat the vote. 

“This is just the first of many steps to pushing back against anti-Israel discrimination on campus,” Ariella Daniels, Hasbara Fellowships Canada Campus Advisor, said. “Defeating a BDS referendum, or preventing the encroachment of BDS,  is a critical first step, and even more importantly, we are working with our incredible Hasbara Fellows to proactively be ambassadors for Israel so we, and not our opponents, can set the agenda.”

The University of Toronto has seen anti-Israel sentiment not just with BDS, but in the classroom as well. 

Robert Walker, National Director for Hasbara Fellowships Canada, lauded the vote. “This is yet more proof that the anti-Israel movement on campuses is losing steam,  with more students seeing that universities should be places of higher learning, not blind hate.”

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