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1. Impact Planning Grant

Impact Planning Grants are approved up to $3500.

The Impact Planning Grant supports pro-Israel student groups and professionals to achieve long-term planning and goal setting in areas of impact. “Impact Planning” is a model that will allow pro-Israel advocates to accomplish long term impact on their campuses that will go beyond a single event or activity.

Please note: Impact Planning Grants are only available for Impact Planning Campuses.

Want to learn more about Impact Planning and how to become an Impact Planning Campus?? Find out here!

2. Milstein Coalition Building Grant



Milstein Coalition Building Grants are approved up to $1,000.

The Milstein Coalition Building Grant is provided for pro-Israel students to build bridges with various cultural and political groups on campus. Examples include: Political Clubs (Student Government, College Republicans & College Democrats), Single-Issue Clubs (Business Fraternity, Environmental Club), Cultural Club (African Americans, Latino-Americans, Christians United for Israel) as well as Fraternities and Sororities. The Milstein Coalition Building Grant is generously provided by the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation.

3. Strategic Partnership Grant

Strategic Partnership Grants are approved up to $500.

Campuses that have a semester or year long strategic partnership with Hasbara Fellowships are eligible for this grant.  A strategic partnership includes meeting with Hasbara Fellowships staff at the beginning of and throughout the semester or year to focus on strategic areas of Israel advocacy that Hasbara Fellowships can offer advice and guidance on.  Only campuses that have this strategic partnership are eligible for this grant.  Any campuses interested in this Strategic Partnership should contact or your Regional Hasbara staff person. (Please see grant application below.)

4. Schlanger Programming Grant

Schlanger Programming Grants will be approved for amounts between $150-$500.

Schlanger Programming Grants are provided for Israel Advocacy student initiatives that yield positive views of Israel on campus, as well as standing up to anti-Israel propaganda.  Examples of programming include: public displays and tabling, guest lectures, advocacy training seminars, film screenings, and cultural programming. This grant is generously sponsored by the Eva and Marvin Schlanger Family Foundation.  (Please see grant application below.)

5. Social Media Grant

Social Media Grants are approved up to $250.

Social Media Grants are provided for online Israel Advocacy social media initiatives that yield positive views of Israel. Examples of social media intiatives include: Promoting posts, your brand, and website on Facebook. Have contests on Facebook and send a Facebook giftcards. Hire a social media intern. (Please see grant application below.)

6. Israel Peace Week Grant

Israel Peace Week Grants are approved up to $100.

Israel Peace Week Grants are provided  for use in helping supplement public Israel Peace Week exposure. Grant money can be used to purchase fundraising and tabling supplies, refreshments for programming, and can be used for funding a Pro-Israel event. (Please see grant application below.)

» Please select from the following grants depending on the grant that you are applying for.



Grant Guidelines

  • All grantees must meet with a Hasbara Fellowships Staff Member before the event for which the grant is given for, to discuss how to make the event as successful as possible.
  • Grant requests MUST be submitted at least two weeks prior to the proposed event date. Late submissions may not be considered.

Grant Reimbursement

  • Hasbara Fellowships grants will be issued as reimbursements. A check will be sent to the individual only after having received the proper documentation (stated below).
  • To receive your grant you must submit:
    • Pictures, a short blog (click here for the blog guidelines), and a sign in sheet typed up in excel format.
    • All requirements must be submitted through the Grant Reimbursement Form no later than 3 weeks after the event/program.
  • Please note: If a previously approved event or program appears to be counterproductive to Hasbara Fellowships or the nature of the program has changed, Hasbara Fellowships reserves the right to revoke the funding.