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An Exclusive Trip for Hasbara Fellowships Alumni


One of the main questions we receive from Hasbara Fellowships alumn is always “When can I go back to Israel with Hasbara Fellowships again?”  This was never really an option. UNTIL NOW!!! We’re excited to announce the launching of Hasbara 2.0 – an amazing program to Israel for Hasbara alumni! If you are an alumni who is: 

  • Looking to gain a deeper understanding of Jewish leadership
  • Wanting to further sharpen your advocacy skills and knowledge
  • Interested in meeting and learning from Israeli leaders and activists
  • Eager to be inspired about Judaism in a way that makes it relevant and meaningful

Then Hasbara 2.0 is for you!!

About the Program 

Hasbara Fellowships 2.0 is being organized in partnership with Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem. Combining Hasbara’s expertise in Israel advocacy with Aish’s world-renown Jewish educational curriculum, Hasbara 2.0 will offer the perfect balance of Israel advocacy and Jewish exploration.  

The program will explore the values that are the fabric of the Jewish People and the State of Israel; values that we are proud to represent and advocate.

The program will consist of:

  • 3-4 hours of Jewish study in the morning focusing on:
    • Judaism’s relevance and meaning
    • The values that make Israel and the Jewish People worth advocating for
  • Visiting sites, organizations and individuals who represent the same values that you will learn about in the morning curriculum; these visits will give participants the first-hand experience and narrative which is the core of the Hasbara Fellowships experience.

The program will mainly be based in Jerusalem but there will also be some traveling throughout the country.  Men and Women will study separately in the morning, but will reconvene in the afternoons and for the rest of the program.  

Cost and Dates

The cost of the program is $795.  This price includes your flight from/to NYC (flights from LA and Toronto may also be available).  Once in Israel, ground costs, usually consisting of 2 meals per day, is covered.

Summer 2017 Program Dates:

May 14 - May 29