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Lydia Aisenberg, Writer for the Jerusalem Post & Givat Haviva

"The International Department at Givat Haviva has been involved almost since the first Hasbara Fellowship Israel tour, participants began arriving in Israel and a warm relationship developed between [Givat Haviva and Hasbara Fellowships]. Hasbara Fellows are serious contenders against the anti-Israel student lobbies at their many controversial activities on their campuses."

Stephen Kuperberg, Executive Director of the Israel on Campus Coalition

"Hasbara Fellowship’s work in educating, training, and empowering student advocates contributes vitally to the campus Israel network. They are an integral part of the framework for success in creating a positive campus environment regarding Israel."

Mitchell Bard, Executive Director of the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise

"At a time when Israel's legitimacy is being challenged around the world, and the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is becoming more active on college campuses, the need to educate Jewish youth about how to respond to Israel's detractors has taken on new urgency. Hasbarah Fellowships is one of the organizations devoted to ensuring students have the information they need to meet today's challenges and, perhaps more important, imbuing young Jews with the love of Israel that will allow them to meet any that arise in the future."

Andrew S. Borans, Executive Director of Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPI)

"All students who feel a strong connection with our Jewish homeland must participate on a Hasbara Fellowshisp mission. As Executive Director of Alpha Epsilon Pi, I am proud to say that the long time association and thriving partnership between Hasbara and AEPi has made an impact on campus Israel advocacy. With the support of Hasbara our brothers are better prepared to battle hate and ignorance and to shine light on an issue so important to our campus communities. The passion and quality of education that is instilled through Hasbara programming has been a crucial part of the pro-Israel movement. Not only will it strengthen your commitment to Israel -- it will change your life." -

Phil Brodsky, Campus Manager of the David Project

I first came into contact with Hasbara Fellowships through working with AEPi on campus. I was the director of Jewish Programming for AEPi at the time and Aish HaTorah was one of our partners. I did a lot of work with Israel on campus and needed help teaching my students about Israel in a way that taught them about the country while training them to talk to their peers. Hasbara's education was straight forward and powerful. Their seminars not only taught my students how to be an Israel activist, but also greatly increased my confidence in talking about students as well. I often recall my first classes from Hasbara when I work with students and still hear the talking points in my head, "Israel is a beacon for human rights in the Middle East, Israel wants peace..." The relationships I made with the leadership of Hasbara Fellowships encouraged me to continue to work in the Jewish community and after two years of studying Jewish Professional Leadership at Brandeis University, I am now the Campus Team Manager at the David Project, one of Hasbara's partners, and excited to be working with the organization to education as many voices for Israel on campus as possible.

KateLyn Plotnick, Israel Programmer for Boston University’s Hillel House

I owe a lot to Hasbara Fellowships. I am currently working at Boston University’s Hillel House as the Israel Programmer and I am also the Birthright Israel Coordinator. I would not have the job that I do with Hillel if I had not gone on Hasbara Fellowships during the summer of 2007. I would never have had the courage, knowledge, or confidence to advocate for Israel at Temple University (my alma mater) and later become the President of the Israel group on campus. If I had not taken the leadership role as an Israel advocate on my university campus, then I would not be working at Hillel right now, helping, motivating and organizing the Boston University students to advocate for Israel.

Currently, I encourage all of my Birthright students to go back to Israel with Hasbara Fellowships. I bring in Hasbara Campus Coordinators to Boston University to speak and give presentations to my future Birthright participants and my Birthright Alumni. The Hasbara alumni are role models for my Birthright alumni to become more knowledgeable and confident when speaking about Israel or supporting Israel.

I utilize the Hasbara resources as much as possible because they have some of the best material. Unlike other Israel advocacy organizations, Hasbara Fellowships focuses solely on college campuses which are the epicenter of anti-Israel sentiments, movements, and programs. Hasbara Fellowships is more in-tune with the dynamics of a university campus and therefore, they have created materials that cater to students.  Hasbara trains students to go back to their schools and be successful at using these specific tools to interest the apathetic Jew, liberal or the opinionated student about Israel. More importantly, the program gives my students the confidence to stand up to anti-Israel sentiments on campus.

If this is how much influence I, one Hasbara alumnae, has had on the academic community, then I can only imagine the influence my fellow Hasbara alumnae have had and how future participants of the program will shape Israel’s image and voice on campuses across the country.

Natan Sharansky, Human Rights Activist and Author

"Hasbara Fellowships provides the knowledge, the training and most importantly, the motivation to student leaders to defend Israel where she most needs it: on the campuses. That is why I strive to meet with Hasbara Fellowships groups at every opportunity."

Noam Aricha, Israel Fellow at George Washington Hillel

"The Hasbara Fellowships "Did You Know" cards work like magic. I turned them into a game, calling out to students and asking if they wanted to win a prize. I would then ask them if they knew one of the facts about Israel (not mentioning Israel) and that they'd still get candy even if they didn't.  It was so much fun, and I gave away so much information about Israel and met so many new people. Thank you Hasbara Fellowships!"