Just came on Hasbara Fellowships or has it been a few years?  Did the program have a great impact on you, helping you advocate for Israel on your campus?  Looking for a way to give backNow you can! Please join our Alumni Campaign by donating $5/month to Hasbara Fellowships!

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Alumni $5/Month Campaign

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Thank you to the Hasbara Fellows & Alumni who have joined the campaign!

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Adi Rittenberg '13
Ian Wolf '13
Hali Haber '13
Bradley Goldstein '13
David Danesh '13
Anonymous '13
Raphael Fils '13
Michelle Feldman '13
Alan Verbitzky '13
Brandon Silver '13
Daniella Berger '12
Molly Tobin '11
Daniel Cohen '11
Howie Abarams '11
Yael Steinberg '10
Alexandra Cohen* '10
Netanella Refael '09
Eli Levine '08
Ariela Robinson '05
Jonathan Cohen '05
Ben Feferman '05
Diane Davidovitch* '04
Elana Lichtenstein* '03
Oren Lazar* '02
Daniel Weinstein* '02
Patrick Amar* '01