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December 15 - 21, 2014 

Preferring Jail in Israel to Life Under Hamas, Palestinians Increasingly Fleeing Gaza

According to a report written by Khaled Abu Toameh, young Palestinians are increasingly fleeing Gaza for Israel. This surprising report shows that these Palestinians prefer imprisonment in Israel to a life under Hamas. 

Shin Bet, Police Foil ‘Pregnant’ Suicide Bomber Plot in Tel Aviv

Five suspects intended on enterring Israel by receiving a permit for the female to receive medical care in Israel. According to the Shin Bet, they planned to dress her as a pregnant Jewish woman and detonate an explosive belt in Tel Aviv. 

Israeli in Touch with Australians Over Hostages, Ya’alon Says

Defense minister declares that Israel will do anything it could to help after a gunman takes hostages in a cafe in Sydney, Australia. Yet again, Israel responds to world emergencies with as much assistance and support as they can offer. 

Gaza Conflict Tops Olympics, MH370 on Facebook

This year, American social media network lists the summer war in Gaza as 6th in the global top ten topics of 2014. It is interesting to note what aspects the the conflict is portrayed in the media as well as how and why it has become so prevalent. 

Netanyahu Rejects Palestinian UN Bid In Meeting with Kerry

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu angrily rejects a Palestinian UN bid aimed at setting a two year deadline for the “Israeli occupation.” At the same time, France is leading European effots to draft a more nuanced resolution which could, potentially, be better received by the US administration. 

November 24 - 30, 2014 

Israel Fears EU Parliament Will Recognize Palestine

Following Sweden’s decision to officially recognize a Palestinan state, the European Parliament is holding a vote on Thursday on a resolution to do so as well. In response, Israel has warned that, should the motion pass, Israel will regard the decision as anti-Israel. Understanding Israel’s position in the internation sphere is always of the utmost importance with regards to advocating on behalf of Israel. 

Netanyahu Welcomes Iran Deal Postponment

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, urges the West to use a seven-month extension period in order to toughen its stance on Iran. Iran’s nuclear capabilities have been on the radar for quite some time and have recently risen to the forefront of discussions. It is important to keep up to date with new developments regarding the situation. 

Tel Aviv Win’s World’s Smartest City Award

Tel Aviv received the honor and beat 250 competitors for the World Smart City award as part of the Smart City Expo in Barcelona. Once again, Israeli innovations and their recognized success serve as a strong point when advocating for Israel. 

2 Israeli Short Films Shortlisted for Oscar

‘Aya’ and ‘Summer Vacation,’ two Israeli short films, have been included among ten finalists for Best Short Film at the 2015 Academy Awards. Israel’s contributions to the movie world is yet another facet of Israel’s achievements. 

November 17 - 23, 2014

Kissinger: Israel Should Not Seek Final Peace Deal With Palestinians Until MidEast Chaos Subsides

Henry Kissinger cautions against forming a nuclear deal with Iran until chaos in the region subsides and simultaneously expresses his support for the US-Israel relationship. In this tumultuous time, it is important to keep in mind the value of a strong US-Israel alliance.

Hamas Among Richest Terror Groups Worldwide - Second Only To ISIS

According to Forbes Israel’s ranking of the top ten wealthiest terror organizations, Hamas was ranked above Hezbollah, Al-Qaida, and Taliban. With a yearly revenue of a billion dollars, it is critical to consider the priorities of their investments.

Palestinian Stabs Jewish Man in Jerusalem

Violence escalates as yet another Israeli is attacked by a Palestinian. Hamas praises the attack in which a 32-year-old man was stabbed in the back with a screwdriver. This event and others like it are constant reminders of the harsh reality that plagues the Israeli community as a result of adversaries who govern by terror.

Israel Beats Bosnia-Herzegovina 3-0 in 2016 Euro Qualifier

The Israeli national soccer team is advancing towards European championship with three straight victories against Andorra, Cyprus, and most recently, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

November 10 - 16, 2014

IDF Soldier Stabbed at Tel Aviv Train Station

An IDF soldier was stabbed by an 18-year-old Palestinian who attempted to snatch the soldier’s weapon at the Haganah Train Station in Tel Aviv. The suspect, who is illegally residing in Israel, fled the scene but was then arrested several blocks away. The victim was evacuated in critical condition to Sheva Hospital. Events like these demonstrate the fear and insecurity that Israelis must face on a daily basis in their own homeland.

Netanyahu: Terrorism Knows No Borders, Is Aimed at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

Following the Tel Aviv terror attack in which an IDF soldier was critically injured (article posted above), Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows to “fight incitement by the PA and radical Islam and fight those calling to destroy us.” Once again, the reality of terrorism on one that Israel shouldn’t have to live with but does daily.

Top US General: Israel Protected Civilian Lives in Gaza

The Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey says that, “Israel went to extraordinary lengths to limit collateral damage and civilian casualties” during the conflict in Gaza this summer. The lengths that Israel goes in order to protect innocent civilian lives is testament to the fact that Israel values life and humanity despite the values that her enemies possess.

Auschwitz Prisoner No. A7733 Finally Finds His Family

Menachem Bodner, survivor of the Mengele experiments, has been looking for his twin brother. With help from a genealogy researcher, he has discovered his name given by his parents, his place of birth, and has found that he has first cousins in California. When advocating for Israel, it is always important to keep in mind the repercussions of the Holocaust especially with respect to the growing anti-semitism around the world today.

Peres Heads to India to Support ‘Green Revolution’

Former Israeli President Shimon Peres plans to meet with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in order to offer his support for the ‘green revolution,’ a multinational agricultural technology project. This is incredibly important for Israel as it suggests an improvement in economic and trade ties between the two nations.

November 3 - 9, 2014

Western Media’s Double-Standard on Israeli ‘Racism’

In this op-ed, the author argues that while prestigious newsources “give a platform to every nonsensical item about Israel,” they happen to ignore certain realities that occur in other places around the world. It is important to note the inconsistencies of the media and its failure, at times, to provide well-balanced stories. For this reason, circulating articles such as this one that elucidate some of the major biases are incredibly useful when advocating on Israel’s behalf.

Judges, Experts Debate Military Courts Handling of Palestinian Minors

Deputy Attorney-General for Criminal Law Raz Niziri, along with top judgest and experts, stated their optimism regarding the progress of the juvenile court for addressing the spcial needs of Palestinian minors. Advancements like these are always incredibly important when advocating for Israel.

Israel to Allow Coke into Gaza

The new Coca Cola factory at the Karni industrial area is predicted to create about 3,000 new jobs for Palestinians in the hopes of driving economic growth in Gaza and decreasing terrorism. This development seems to be quite promising and is a great point to demonstrate Israel’s motives.

Nuclear Deal With Iran Would Be Reckless, Israeli Official Warns

Israeli officials have become increasingly concerned as head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Yukiya Amano, said that “Iran has stopped answering IAEA questions regarding possible military dimensions of its nuclear program” and that they can no longer “provide assurance that all [nuclear] materials [in Iran] is for peaceful purposes.”

Israel Isn’t Perfect, But We ARE a Miracle

Sarah Tuttle-Singer claims that American Jews appear to be drifting further and further away from Israel. As members of the pro-Israel community, it is important to maintain ties with Israel; to visit, to understand, and to support the land we all love.

October 27 - November 2, 2014

IDF Confirms Hamas Planned Massive Tunnel Attack

Peter Lerner, IDF Spokesperson, confirmed that Hamas planned on either killing or kidnapping as many individuals as possible by entering Israeli communities via tunnels from the Gaza Strip. With regards to Israel advocacy, it is important to elucidate the type of opponent that Israel faces as one that governs by terror.

Israeli Teens Nab Top Prizes in International Physical Competition

Idan Fishman and Basel Abu Ganem, two high school students in Be’er Sheva, earned first place for their research on crystallization and freezing in the international competition First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics. Not only are novel scientific innovations and technological advances incredibly important with regards to advocating on behalf of Israel, but the progress specifically made on the part of the Israeli youth is incredibly impressive.

‘It’s Hard Being Openly Jewish’

Gideon Bachar, Director of the Department for Combating Anti-Semitism and Holocaust Remembrance in the Foreign Ministry, stated that “it’s hard being openly Jewish in Europe today.” Bachar spoke about a recent tend in which people have begun to remove mezuzah’s from their doors and have begun to fear wearing kippot in public. The rise in Anti-Semitism in Europe is not something to be taken lightly and is significant when discussing Israel advocacy.

Palestinian PM Visits Temple Mount Amid Unrest

At the shrine on the Temple Mount holly to Jews and Muslims alike, Rami Hamdallah, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister, declared that “there will not be a Palestinian state without East Jerusalem as its capital.” As tensions are high, it is critical to recognize the historical significance of certain landmark locations for both Jews and Muslims and what they mean in terms of prospects for peace.

October 13 - 19, 2014

Lieberman Raises Objections to Israel’s Absence at Gaza Donor Conference

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman states that, “the fact that Israel was not invited to the Cairo meeting does not contribute to the seriousness of the discussions.” Lieberman is aware that Hamas will not willingly disarm and, therefore, fears that the funds raised at the conference will be funneled towards manufacturing weapons and building tunnels. With regards to Israel advocacy, it is critical to demonstrate Israel’s lack of inclusion in matters that pertain to her directly.

Ban Ki-moon to Visit Israel, Gaza, and West Bank

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is visiting Israel to discuss regional developments following the summer’s war in Gaza with Benjamin Netanyahu, Reuven Rivlin, and Tzipi Livni. This article is important for Israel advocacy due to the fact that it is necessary to understand the role that the UN attempts to plays in mediation as well as the rest of the international community.

Kerry: Long-term Solution Needed, Not a Band Aid Fix

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, calls for revival of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and a renewed commitment from everyone to work towards peace. In terms of Israel advocacy, the push for longterm peace is still at the forefront of the discussion.

The 20 Hottest Startups From Israel in 2014

This article compiled a list of the top 20 Israeli startups in 2014. With regards to Israel advocacy, Israel’s technological innovations always remain incredibly important.

Israeli Study: Tumors Might Grow More Quickly at Night

Weizmann Institute researchers discover that chemotherapy may be more effective when given at night due to the fact that tumors may grow more quickly at night than during the daytime. Once again, the ground breaking medical advancements that Israel makes is extremely significant when advocating for Israel.

October 6 - 12, 2014

Lieberman: Swedish Recognition Won’t Replace Palestinian-Israeli Talks

Upon new PM Stefan Loven’s declaration of intent to recognize Palestine, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman states that Loven has not “internalized” the fact that the Palestinians themselves are the ones placing their own road blocks, not Israel. This issue is currently at the forefront of the news.

Syrian Boy, 5, Survives Bullet Lodged in Neck

Father of a Syrian boy, whose name is undisclosed due to security reasons, rushes his son to the Israeli border, knowing that Israel would provide the best medical aid. This is incredibly significant, specifically with regards to Israel advocacy, due to the fact that it is yet another example of Israel not discriminating between the life of one and another. Israel values all and every life equally.

The Anti-Semitism on College Campuses will Absolutely Shock You

As anti-semitism is alive and real, college students speak out about their experiences with it on campus, the hatred it has bred, and the impact that it has had on their lives. It is powerful to know that no student is advocating for Israel alone and the collaboration of students across campuses is an incredibly powerful tool.

Israel Sends Experts, Aid to Africa to Fight Ebola

Israel’s envoy to the UN stated that, “every country has a role in the struggle.” In their attempts to assist, Israel has sent doctors, medicine, and medical supplies to Africa in the fight against the Ebola virus that has recently hit close to home with a case in Texas. Israel’s response to world struggles and their commitment to help others is an vital point to make when speaking up on behalf of Israel.

Navy Intercepts Weapon-Building Material Bound for Gaza as Hamas Bids to Rearm

Commander Eli Soholitski discusses the navy’s role as they track and monitor Hama’s experimental rocket launches from into the Mediterranean sea. This is important to note due to the fact that it demonstrates how calculated the Israeli military is and how cautiously they are planning for the future.

September 29 - October 5, 2014

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Speech at the United Nations General Assembly

In his speech to the United Nations, Prime Minister Netanyahu states that, “ISIS and Hamas are branches of the same poisonous tree...when it comes to their ultimate goals: Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas.” The full text of the prime minister’s speech exposes the “brazen lies” spoken against Israel and against the IDF soldiers that risk their lives to defend her.

Palestinians and the “Death Boats” Scandal

Many Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have begun to lose their confidence in both Abbas and Hamas as they would rather risk their lives at sea than live under governments and leaders “whose only goal is to enrich their bank accounts.” This article is significant, in terms of advocacy efforts, due to the fact that it demonstrates the dissatisfaction of those living under Hamas.

Poll Shows Fewer Palestinians Support Hamas, New Intifada Against Israel

According to a poll conducted by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, fewer Palestinians are content with the achievements during Operation Protective Edge while more Gazans support the disarming of the Islamist terror organizations in the Gaza Strip. The attitude of Palestinians and Gazans are important to advocacy efforts in order to understand the reality of their situation and what it is they truly want.

Israelis Test First Targeted Multi-Drug Cancer Therapy

To date, no targeted cancer therapy on the market can deliver more than one drug at once. The new experimental treatment is not only more targeted than existing drugs, but also appears to make the existing cancer drugs deadlier while reducing their side effects at the same time. This Israeli innovation is one of the many that provide benefits to its American allies.

Idan Raichel and Alicia Keys: ‘We Are Here’

Idan Raichel, Alicia Keys, and Palestinian musician Ali Amir-Kanoon preformed together in Central Park. Raichel stated, “despite the difficulties, together we’re trying to build a musical bridge that we’ll all try to walk on.” With regards to Israel advocacy, the collaboration between Raichel, Keys, and Amir-Kanoon sends a powerful message about working together and striving for peace.

September 22 - September 28, 2014

After Mahmoud Abbas, who will lead the Palestinian Authority?

While Abbas approaches his 80s, he has yet to name a successor. With seemingly no inclination to do so and no natural heir emerging, questions are being raised regarding who is best fit to assume leadership of the Palestinian Authority. This article is significant, with respect to advocacy efforts, due to the fact that it demonstrates the effect that leadership has on conflict resolution and statehood negotiations with Israel. It raises the long-term concerns regarding democratic accountability and political vision of the Palestinian Authority.

Break Hamas Stranglehold on Gaza

In line with the trending #StopHamasNow and #FreeGazaFromHamas, Australian Ambassador to Israel, Dave Sharma, believes that a new cross-border mechanism can help restart the Gaza economy free of Hamas. With regards to Israel advocacy, it is important to note that, provided Israel’s security concerns are protected, improving economic conditions in Gaza is a goal that Israel shares with the rest of the international community.

Gazans Speak Out: Hamas War Crimes

While the media consistently places blame on Israel for the death of Gazan civilians during Operation Protective Edge, Gazans themselves speak of Hamas atrocities and war crimes implicating Hamas in the death of its own people. In terms of advocating for Israel, it is crucial to elucidate the reality that is that “Hamas does not want the truth about Gaza to come out” and, therefore, “makes sure that the average Gazan will not talk to Western journalists -- or actually any journalists at all."

Hollywood Support of Israel Continues to Grow

Members of the film industry recently posted an ad in the New York Times which included 300 of Hollywood’s most distinguished individuals expressing “their commitment to peace and justice” as a show of support by Hollywood for Israel. It is important to show that those who support Israel come from all different walks of life and are not limited to the stereotypical Israel advocate.

Lockheed Martin Forms Israel Unit -- Executive

The world’s largest defense contractor by sales, Lockheed Martin Corp., has designed a technology-focused Israeli subsidiary in order to gain new defense contracts in the country.  They will be hiring Israeli locals, creating intellectual property in Israel, and becoming a part of the Israeli ecosystem. In terms of technology, innovations, and U.S. partnership with Israel, this development is incredibly promising.