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News, History & Education


(AIPAC)American Israel Public Affairs Committee

Campus Watch -Monitoring Middle East Studies on campuses

Council on Foreign Relations

Conference of Presidents Daily Alert

Daniel Gordis: Dispatches from an Anxious State

Daniel Pipes

Foundation for the Defense of Democracies


Honest Reporting

Israel Defense Forces

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Jerusalem Post

Jewish Virtual Library

Middle East Media and Research Institute

NGO Monitor

Palestinian Media Watch

Times of Israel

UN Watch

Washington Institute for Near East Policy

YnetNews (Yediot Achronot)

Organizations and Resources



Aish HaTorah

American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE)

Awesome Seminars

CAMERA on Campus

Caravan for Democracy

Christians United for Israel

David Project

Israel 21C

Israel on Campus Coalition

I.T. League -Israel's Ivy League

Jerusalem Online University

Jewish National Fund

Koby Mandell Foundation

Milstein Family Foundation

ReThink Israel

Save a Child’s Heart

Stand With Us

The Israel Project


Collection of the History of Israel Newspapers.

Myths and Facts: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict, Mitchell G. Bard

The Case for Israel, by Alan Dershowitz

The Case for Peace, by Alan Dershowitz

Israel: A History, Martin Gilbert

The Israel Test, by George Gild

The Rise of Nuclear Iran: How Tehran Defies the West, Dore Gold

Tower of Babble: How the United Nations Has Fueled Global Chaos, Dore Gold

Saving Israel: How the Jewish People Can Win a War That May Never End, by Daniel Gordis

Power, Faith and Fantasy: America in the Middle East: 1776 to the Present, Michael Oren

Six Days of War, by Michael Oren

Why the Jews?  The Reason for Anti-Semitism, Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin

The Yom Kippur War: The Epic Encounter that Transformed the Middle East, by Abraham Rabinovich

A History of Israel: From the Rise of Zionism to Our Time (Second Edition), by Howard Sachar

Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle, By Saul Singer and Dan Senor

Crash Course in Jewish History: The Miracle and Meaning of Jewish History, from Abraham to Modern Israel, Ken Spiro

Israel in a Nutshell, Shimon Apisdorf