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Hasbara Fellowships- An Inside Look

Founded in 2001, Hasbara Fellowships was the first formal program for students battling overwhelming anti-Israel propaganda on their campuses in the wake of the second Palestinian intifada. Ten years later, it remains the largest program of this type.

It Takes Two - Peace In The Middle East

Israel Peace Week presents "It Takes Two," a musical satire about the real obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

Friend Request Pending

Israel has always reached out to its neighbors - Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the PLO. It has also offered to create Palestine - the first ever Palestinian state.

Hasbara Online Training Videos

Israel's Quest for Peace

Short video by Elliot Mathias, demonstrating how Israel is prepared to do virtually everything to ensure peace with its neighbors.

Islamic Rejection of Israel

Short video by Elliot Mathias, discussing the refusal of Islamic nations to accept that Israel is controlled by a nation other than their own .

The Myth of Occupation

Short video by Elliot Mathias, explaining that Israel is not a land occupier, but rather a country of people with an ancient connection to the land.

The Myth of Excessive Force

Short video by Elliot Mathias, explaining that Israel does not use excessive force to protect its civilians, but rather the opposite is true.

The Myth of Apartheid

Short video by Elliot Mathias, explaining that Israel is not the new South Africa.

Israel Apartheid Week: What to do

For use for students during Israel Apartheid Week on campuses.

Hot Topics

Israel: Small Country, Big Ideas

How Israel is making a world of difference.
Courtesy of

Hope for Heroism

After nearly losing their lives protecting the Jewish nation, injured Israeli soldiers are helping other injured soldiers.

Israel Is Just a Dream

Is Israel just a dream? The choice is yours.

Israel: Defying the Odds

Amazing facts about Israel.
by Rabbi Ephraim Shore

This is Israel: Resilience

Critically wounded by Hezbollah terrorists, Asael Lubotzky dramatically transforms from victim to healer.
by and Hasbara Fellowships

Terror in School

The Middle East conflict explained through school bullying.
by Scratch

15 Seconds

Sderot residents have 15 seconds to take cover when a terrorist missile launched from Gaza is reported.

Heroes of Israel

Thank Israeli Soldiers

A program to give back to Israeli soldiers.

Sherri and Seth Mandel

Seth and Sherri Mandell are the featured personalities on the original video series called "Heroes of Israel."

The Chicken Lady (feeding the needy in Israel)

Mrs. Chaya Hammer is the featured personality on the original video series called "Heroes of Israel."

Heroes of Israel: Rabbi Yehoshua Fass

Nefesh B'Nefesh is bringing our people home.

Heroes of Israel: Poverty's Angel

Aryeh Lurie is keeping the promise he made as a hungry child.

Heroes of Israel: From Ethiopia to Israel's Knesset

A life and death trek across the Sudan.

Israel Elections 2013

"I Vote Israel" - Cast YOUR vote in mock elections!

"I Vote Israel" - Sivan: SHAS

"I Vote Israel" - Shev: HABAYIT HAYEHUDI

"I Vote Israel" - Roni: YESH ATID

"I Vote Israel" - Kineret: AVODAH

"I Vote Israel" - Dani: LIKUD

"I Vote Israel" - Eitan: MERETZ

"I Vote Israel" - Eliana & Adam: HADASH