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Judah Fried

Pace University

Judah is a sophomore at Pace University majoring in Business Management . He is involved with SSI- Students Supporting Israel and serves as the treasurer by helping to organize events. He works hard to fight BDS and advocate for Israel. Since joining the Hasbara team, he has learned all the necessary tools and information on how to advocate for the country he loves and cares about. Judah plans to grow his SSI group and try to outreach and educate students from all over the world on how Israel makes the world a better place.


Paula Baroff

University of Georgia

Paula Baroff is a senior studying Journalism at the University of Georgia. She is the social media director of Dawgs for Israel, a pro-Israel advocacy group at UGA, and works hard to share her love of Israel with the student body using all the skills she learned from Hasbara Fellowships. She believes very strongly that campus culture can be shifted in Israel's favor when Israel's values and stances are presented to students the right way. When Paula isn't actively advocating for Israel on campus, she is most likely telling friends how wonderful it is. She also enjoys singing and aerial acrobatics. 

Rebecca Moretti

Boston College

Rebecca Moretti is a rising Junior at Boston College. At BC, Rebecca is the Vice President of Boston College Eagles for Israel, and has been on the executive board of the club since it was started during her freshman year, when she was appointed Social Chair. Along with the rest of the EIBC E-Board, Rebecca has helped organize events on campus which promote Israeli culture and advocate for Israel. Although new, Eagles for Israel is constantly growing and expanding its presence on campus. 


Neil Tsirkin

SUNY Buffalo

Neil is a junior at the University at Buffalo. He is currently pursuing a bachelors degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing. Growing up with a family that suffered for being Jewish in the former Soviet Union, Neil uses that as a driving force in promoting coexistence and coalition building between different communities on campus. He will be working hard to help make sure events are properly executed for UB for Israel, the campus' pro-Israel club. Neil is also seeking to gain a seat in student government to make sure BDS bills do not pass and that there is equal treatment of all clubs on campus. 

Ben Gaster

Long Beach City College

Ben is a transfer student in Communication Studies at Long Beach City College. He attended American Jewish University for one academic year and is an Aardvark Israel Alumnus, a Gap year program that has its students volunteer and study in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv for two semesters. He is actively and passionately involved in Beach Hillel at LBCC and California State University, Long Beach and 49ers for Israel at CSULB. Ben hopes to involve Pro-Israel activism at LBCC and continue it throughout his years in academic institutions. His goal for the future is to allow for positive relationships between clubs and organizations at LBCC and CSULB by creating coalitions and developing strong bonds for years to come. Ben cannot wait to bring the knowledge he has learned from Hasbara Fellowships to CSULB.

Danielle Noah

CUNY, Baruch

Danielle Noah is a sophomore at Baruch College majoring in International Marketing. Growing up with Israeli parents Danielle has always been involved in numerous Israel-related activities, which has made her develop a strong love for Israel. Danielle serves as the Networking coordinator on YOFI the Israel club on her campus and is also the VP of recruiting and Fellowship on TAMID, which is a club that connects the next generation of business leaders with the Israel economy. 

Nathan Silver

University of Massachusetts

Nathan is a sophomore at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. He is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Political Science with a focus on International Relations, accompanied by a minor in Hebrew language.

As a member of the Student Alliance For Israel, or SAFI, Nathan has been an important part of the group’s event planning efforts and has done a lot of outreach to his fellow students who would otherwise have no involvement with Israel. Looking forward, Nathan hopes to increase the diversity of his Pro-Israel group by finding common ground with other groups and clubs on campus and creating coalitions with them.

As a Hasbara Fellow, Nathan has been able to greatly augment the impact of his advocacy efforts on campus by utilizing the many skills and techniques taught during the summer trip, and by finding ways to implement them in his various Pro-Israel roles on campus.

Harry Brodsky

Northeastern University

Harry Brodsky is a sophomore at Northeastern University where he is pursuing a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Physics. Coming from a very Zionist family, Harry feels that advocating for the Jewish homeland is his duty and privilege. He has been involved with Huskies for Israel — Northeastern’s Israel club — serving both on the political affairs team and as the club’s senator for Student Government. 

As senator, Harry was able to help fight BDS when it came to his campus by tactfully debating and challenging the matter when it came to the Student Government. Thanks to the training Harry received from Hasbara Fellowships, Harry was able to put forth a convincing argument as to why BDS was not the correct course of action for Northeastern’s Student Government to take. With the support of other senators, the BDS campaign was voted down by Northeastern. 

Harry plans to continue his involvement in Huskies for Israel and other Israel Advocacy endeavors for the rest of his college career and life. One day, he hopes to make aliyah and work as a rocket engineer for Israel's space program.


Samuel Joffe

California State University, Northridge

Samuel Joffe is a senior at California State Northridge. He is the Vice President of Education for CSun Students for Israel, at Hillel 818, as well as the Israel Advocacy Chair for the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. Sam has lived in and visited Israel many times, and continues to be amazed and impressed by this little country's many accomplishments in such a short amount of modern statehood. Sam attended Hasbara Fellowships during Summer 2015, and can't wait bring his tremendous love for Israel, back to campus.

Lenny Bohbot

Northeastern University

Lenny was born in Paris, France and moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2001 due to increasing anti-Semitism. He is majoring in Accounting and Jewish Studies at Northeastern University in Boston where he is very active with the Zionist group Huskies for Israel.  

He is currently living in Tel Aviv and working as the Marketing Director for Crowdmii, an Israeli crowdfunder for Israeli start-ups that help Israel shine as a light amongst the nations. Why does he love Israel? There are hundreds of reasons, (returning home, praying in Jerusalem or relaxing in Tel Aviv), but Lenny loves that as a Jew who eats Kosher, he can eat practically anywhere without a worry.

Liora Domb

York University

Liora is a Fourth Year student at York University majoring in Political Science.  She has spent many summers in Israel visiting family and friends and was privileged to spend a gap year there after high school learning at Machon Maayan in Beit Shemesh. This transformative year strengthened her connection to the land, state and people of Israel. This inspired Liora to get involved on campus with Hasbara at York once she returned to Toronto. She will be serving on Hasbara at York’s executive board as the VP of Communications for the 2015-2016 school year. Her experience on Hasbara Fellowships has allowed Liora to develop the skills to become a greater Israel advocate on campus this year. She is looking forward to acting as a valuable member of the team in order to make an impact on campus before graduating next year and making Aliyah. 

Daniel Marciano

SUNY, Binghamton

Daniel is a Junior at Binghamton University majoring in Neuroscience. He is involved with Israel advocacy on campus and is an active member of BUZO (Binghamton University Zionist Organization) helping to organize events. He looks forward to further engage himself in meaningful work in regards to Israel advocacy and coalition building. 

Rebecca Newman

University of Connecticut

Rebecca is a Senior at the University of Connecticut pursuing a degree in Biomedical Engineering. Rebecca is an active member of UConn’s Huskies for Israel, UConn Hillel, and Chabad on Campus. She also works for the school newspaper, The Daily Campus, as a staff photographer. As a passionate Israel advocate, Rebecca hopes to change the campus culture to one of active, outspoken support for Israel with an emphasis on academic partnership. This semester, Rebecca hopes to rebuild the campus chapter of UPAC and build coalitions with other groups on campus. Rebecca is grateful for the skills and tools she learned on Hasbara Fellowships, and looks forward to using those skills throughout the upcoming year. 

Ari Blaff

University of Western Ontario

Ari is a first-year history graduate student at the University of Western Ontario studying Middle Eastern History and International Affairs. He is a researcher for Israel on Campus (IOC), a volunteer with Western Hillel, and a published commentator in the school newspaper, Openwide. In his most recent endeavour, Ari is seeking to create a political talk show on the University's radio station for the upcoming academic year.


Eden Rubin

California State University, Northridge

Eden is a junior at California State University Northridge studying Business Marketing. Eden is an executive board member of both Chabad and Hillel on her campus. She serves as Chief of Staff for her pro-Israel club called CSUN Students for Israel. Eden is also currently an intern for her campus’ Hillel and is the Vice President of Administration for the Management Association of CSUN. When she is not busy with school, Eden enjoys baking, hanging out with friends, and traveling. She hopes to one day start her own business or be part of a large-scale organization. Eden cannot wait to share everything Hasbara Fellowships has taught her and is very thankful for the opportunity she received to continue her advocacy work.

Gabriel Levy

University of Minnesota

Gabriel is studying political science at the University of Minnesota. He is very active in promoting education about Israel to both the Jewish and non Jewish communities alike. Gabriel currently holds positions in the Minnesota chapters of AEPi, Students Supporting Israel and Hillel. He plans to graduate from Minnesota in 2016. Following graduation, Gabriel plans to attend law school. 

Sara Diamond

University of Georgia

Sara Diamond is a senior at the University of Georgia and is pursuing a degree in wildlife science with the hopes of doing conservation of endangered species. She serves as the Director of Public Relations and co-founder of Students Supporting Israel at UGA. Sara helped found SSI after she spent her summer in Israel during Operation Protective Edge. She is passionate about educating people about Israel and all that it contributes to the rest of the world and not focus on all the negativity spoken about in the media. She was fortunate to be a part of a resolution passed in the student government that was the first pro Israel resolution on a college campus in 2015. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity she has been given by Hasbara and is looking forward to what the future holds. 

Yael Holzman Castellands

University of Connecticut

Yael is a junior at the University of Connecticut. She is studying Political Science and Communications. During her sophomore year, Yael went on birthright and fell in love with Israel. After returning to school she became active at the UConn Hillel as well as the Huskies for Israel Program. After attending Hasbara fellowships, Yael hopes to return to campus and broaden the Huskies for Israel Program as well as push for more Israel advocacy on campus!


Shoshana Falk

California State University, Somona

Shoshana Falk is a senior at Sonoma State University studying psychology and early childhood development.  She has been a member of Sonoma County Hillel since her freshman year and is excited to be the president this upcoming year.  Hasbara Fellowships has given Shoshana plenty of new ideas to implement at Sonoma County Hillel.  Her goal going back to campus is to ensure that fellow students are more educated about Israel.


Ryan Fidell

Indiana University

Ryan Fidell is a junior at Indiana University studying Law and Public Policy, Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Small Business Management.  Ryan is what we call “the ideal result of birthright”.  After coming back from Taglit, and feeling energized to make an impact with Israeli advocacy on campus, the hoosier jumped in head first. He’s now the education director of TAMID, and will be playing a large role within Students Supporting Israel (SSI) going forward. In addition, he plans to study abroad in either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem spring semester 2016. Post-Hasbara, Ryan was quoted saying "I'm dedicated to my future, my family, and the state of Israel more than anything in this world”.  As a motivated Hasbara Fellow, Ryan plans to greatly expand outreach and education with younger students on campus, and graduate with a flourishing Students Supporting Israel chapter.

Benjamin Schine

East Carolina University

Ben is a third year student at East Carolina University pursuing a career in Israel advocacy.  He is studying Anthropology and Sociology with the hopes of going to graduate school for Global Policy studies and Middle East Studies.  Ben started his college career by becoming the Vice President for Hillel and went on birthright in the winter of his first year.  After the spring semester of his sophomore year, he knew that the career path that he was on was not for him, so he changed his major to Sociology and added on Anthropology as a second major.  While trying to figure out what exactly he wanted to do with this degree, he came to the idea of advocating for Israel.  It is the land that he loves more than anything so why not work with what you love?  With this revelation, Ben was inclined to seek out help on how to get involved with this career path.  One thing let to another and he found himself on a plane to Israel to learn how to advocate for Israel with Hasbara Fellowships.  Soon after his arrival back to campus, he started a Students Supporting Israel chapter at East Carolina University.  He looks forward to taking everything that he learned from Hasbara Fellowships and putting it into his newly formed SSI chapter on campus.

Tzlil Levy

Brandeis University

Tzlil Levy is a junior at Brandeis University double majoring in Business and International and Global Studies. As a sophomore she served as President of Brandeis Zionist Alliance (BZA), the Israeli culture and society club, and Treasurer of Brandeis Israel Public Affairs Committee (BIPAC), the bipartisan, pro-Israel lobbying group on campus. Tzlil is also an active contributor to the student newspaper, The Justice; a general tutor for kids in the Waltham area; and a member of the Real Estate Club. In the spring she will study abroad in Brussels, Belgium, where she hopes to continue advocating for Israel and the U.S.-Israel relationship. Passionate and enthusiastic, Tzlil enjoys sharing her love for Israel and engaging in conversations about Israel’s civil liberties, innovations, and humanitarian efforts around the world. As a proud Hasbara Fellow, she cannot wait to continue supporting Israel with the valuable skills and tools she has learned. 


Millie Marcus

CUNY, Brooklyn

Millie Marcus is a second year student at Brooklyn, a Junior if you take her Israel gap year credits into account. She is a psychology major and is pursuing a career in physical therapy. Millie jumped right into the Israel Club at BC as soon as she arrived at campus. After just one semester on the board, she chaired her own event, a crowded screening of Beneath the Helmet with a guest appearance from Oren, a soldier from the film. Excited to use her talents and spread her love for Israel and its defense, Millie became a fellow at Hasbara Fellowships as well as The David Project. She is looking forward for the next strategic semester on campus!

Rebecca Katzman

Ryerson University

Rebecca is a Third Year student at Ryerson University studying Social Work.  She will hold one of the third year liaison positions in Social Work Student Union. Rebecca became involved in Israel Advocacy when she saw multiple acts of Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel propaganda on her campus. This is when she knew it was time make a change to improve the campus climate. Last year, Rebecca was the Arts and Culture chair on Canada’s only Student Supporting Israel board and this year she is the Vice President. In the past, Rebecca was a Hillel Israel Engaged Campus intern in which she made events connecting Israel with Social Work. The internship educated her fellow students about Israel’s amazing contributions to the Social Work field. This year, Rebecca will work with StandWithUs as an Emerson Fellow alongside being a Hasbara Fellow. She is very excited to use her experiences on Hasbara to fulfil her responsibility of spreading the truth about Israel on her campus. 

Rachel Shafrir

Rutgers University

Rachel Shafrir is a senior at Rutgers University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Jewish studies. Rachel holds leadership positions at the Rutgers Chabad and Jewish Experience boards. This year, she looks forward to organizing Israel programming and hopes to send many students on birthright and other Israel trips. She has shown a strong love and passion for the state of Israel which has been evident since a very young age while visiting her family every year and studying at Bar Ilan University, calling Israel her second home. Rachel has been a part of helping children in need in Israel through her work at the Rishon Litzion orphanage, leading a day camp for children in Sderot, and Save a Child's Heart. With the help of Hasbara, Rachel is excited to share her Israel experiences with everyone and feels confident to advocate for Israel and get her campus involved! 


Ben Kern

Rutgers University

Ben Kern is a sophomore at Rutgers university studying business management and jewish studies. He is the current Israel Chair on the Rutgers Hillel Student Board as well as a senior intern at The David Project. Ben hopes that his involvement in these organizations and his participation on Hasbara Fellowships will help him to be an effective Israel advocate and reach many students. He also hopes to spread a positive message about Israel by teaching Israeli history, modern Israeli politics, and promoting peace On campus. 


Dassie Hirschfield

SUNY, Binghamton

Dassie Hirschfield is a rising junior at Binghamton University. She is majoring in psychology and minoring in education. She hopes to continue helping children with special needs. Dassie is a photographer for Pipe Dream, her campus newspaper. Hasbara Fellowships opened Dassie's eyes to just how many opportunities there are for her to support Israel. She looks forward to sharing her experiences with her peers.  

Jonas Singer

Brandeis University

Jonas Singer is a rising junior at Brandeis University, majoring in neuroscience and psychology and minoring in Islamic Middle Eastern Studies and computer science.  In June of 2015, Jonas received an award for his "Commitment, Leadership and Advocacy" work at Brandeis University from Write On For Israel. As a sophomore at Brandeis University, he served as Vice president of the Brandeis Israel Public Affairs Committee (BIPAC), the bipartisan pro-Israel Lobbying Organization on campus and he will be serving as Co-President this upcoming school year. He is the Israel chair of the Lambda Beta chapter of AEPi, is the Brandeis AIPAC liaison, is interning for Shopeat, an Israeli startup in Haifa and doing volunteer PT work at a local hospital. Jonas also received a "Israel Independence Day Student Gala/ Israel Campus Roundtable Award" given by Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP)  of Greater Boston in May of 2015. Jonas is excited to get back to campus and further share his knowledge about the controversies surrounding Israel.


Ariela Karmel

University of British Columbia

Ariela Karmel is a third year student at the University of British Columbia where she is studying Political Science with a minor in International Relations. She is the president of Israel On Campus, the Israel advocacy club at UBC and is an active contributor to the student newspaper, The Ubyssey and the Times of Israel. In addition to being a proud Hasbara fellow this year she will also serve as a Stand With Us Emerson fellow. Ariela has always felt a deep connection to Israel as a Jew, as a passionate advocate of global human rights, and as the daughter of an Israeli paratrooper, with numerous family members and friends calling Israel home, including her brother and his children. Ariela plans to pursue a career in international law, diplomacy and journalism all while advocating for Israel. She is proud and honoured to serve as a Hasbara fellow this year and is eager to begin utilizing the invaluable skills that Hasbara has given her on campus.

Avigail Schneiman

University of Pittsburgh

Avigail Schneiman is a rising sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. She is majoring in Social Work with a concentration in Psychology. She hopes to work in early intervention for kids with special needs. Avigail's experience on the Hasbara Fellowships trip really opened her eyes to all the work that can be done on campus to support Israel. She is eager and excited to get back to campus and really put all she learned into action. 

Jared Rosenfeld

American University

Jared is a Junior at American University majoring in International Relations with a focus on United States Foreign Policy and National Security in the Middle East and minoring in History. He served as Vice-President of an AIPAC trained group at American that had a successful year bringing members of Congress and Israeli officials to campus to speak with student leaders about the importance of Israel. He previously interned at the United States Helsinki Commission, and now currently interns at the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Jared is looking forward to using the skills and personal stories that he gained from Hasbara Fellowships on campus in the Fall. 

Jessica Dorfan

Boston University

Jessica Dorfan is a Sophomore at Boston University doing a dual degree in Journalism and Middle Eastern Studies. Having been raised in South Africa and immigrating to the United States at a late age, she found a sense of home  in Israel and has sought to involve herself in it as much as possible since. While assisting the board of BUSI (Boston University Students for Israel), Jessica is exploring possibilities of starting a pro-Israel group for the united student population of Boston. After spending the next 3 years defending Israel from campus, Jessica hopes to make Aliyah and join the Israel Defense Forces, defending Israel on the ground. 

Jordanna Miller

York University

Jordanna is currently a third year student at York University studying applied mathematics. After High School she spent a year in Israel with the Bar Ilan Israel Experience. The transition from a university in Israel to one in Canada where anti-Israel rhetoric is common place, was very shocking. This allowed Jordanna to see the necessity of Israeli advocacy on campus and drove her to get involved. Jordanna will be serving as the treasurer of Hasbara at York on campus. Her experience with Hasbara Fellowships was her fourth time in Israel. Her goals are to use the experiences and skills developed on Hasbara Fellowships to try to change the narrative on a hostile campus to one of tolerance and dialogue while finishing her undergraduate degree. After which she hopes to make Aliyah and continue in academia at one of Israel's many science and technology schools.

Nati Legum

University of Florida

Nati Legum is a senior at the University of Florida, studying Computer Science and minoring in Hebrew and Business Administration. As the son of two Israeli's, Nati has always felt a strong connection to the country. On campus, Nati has been very involved in several pro-Israel groups. He started getting involved on campus his freshman year when he joined the Israeli Student Organization. As a sophomore, he helped found Zionist Gators, an organization dedicated to highlighting Israeli culture on campus. Within Zionist Gators, he originally served as the treasurer and this past year served as the president. As president, he was responsible for bringing multiple speakers to come to speak at the University of Florida. Going on the Hasbara Fellowship helped give him the knowledge and tools to become a better Israel advocate. 


Rena Silver

York University

Rena Silver is a third year Professional Writing student at York University with aspirations to become a journalist in Israel. After spending a year in Israel post High School, she developed a deep connection with her Judaism and subsequently Israel. Since then she has made it her mission to become an informed and passionate advocate, and quickly became involved with Hasbara at York. She will be serving as their Political Liaison on the executive board for the 2015-2016 academic term. As such she will be responsible as a go between with Hasbara and the Partisan groups on campus. She is also a staff writer for the on campus newspaper. Rena is eager to do her part to inform and engage students about anything and everything regarding Israel. 

Shane Hamilton

University of Calgary

Shane Hamilton is currently a junior attending the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Law and Society.  He is involved with CUWI (Calgary United With Israel), CFI (Canadians For Israel) and “One Nation”. Shane's goal is to use his education in Law to shut down groups that are anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic and has already taken many steps to try and remove as much anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist rhetoric out of his school. Shane is a strong supporter of Israel and its people and believes in having a strong proactive approach in defending her against libel and defamation and that it is the only way peace will be acheived.


Matthew Saliman

American University

Matthew is a senior at American University majoring in political science and minoring in international studies. He served as president of an AIPAC trained group at American that had a successful year bringing members of Congress and Israeli officials to campus to speak with student leaders about the importance of Israel. He previously interned at the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the Republican Jewish Coalition, and now interns at the Embassy of Israel’s Office of Public Diplomacy. He started the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity at American, where he served as vice-president. He is studying abroad Fall semester in Brussels, Belgium to learn more about the European Union and hopes to continue his passion for Israel through an internship abroad. 

Nathan Ades

Rutgers University

Nathan Ades is a junior at Rutgers University double majoring in political science and philosophy. Nathan is a leader and member of the Chabad, Hillel and Jewish Experience boards. At first, it seemed sufficient to support Israel within his group of friends and Jewish organizations. However, after returning from many trips back to campus, Nathan realized the importance of advocating for Israel on campus. Hasbara Fellowships created a newfound confidence and willpower to speak up, fight-back, and let Rutgers hear what Israel has to offer. Nathan is excited and empowered to make a difference on campus!


Corrine Malachi

Stern College for Women

As a child of Israeli Yemenite immigrants, growing up in the modern orthodox community of Brooklyn, Corrine had her passion for Israel instilled in her since day one. Her connection to Israel was evident as she visited her family during the summers and went on to learn in Jerusalem after high school. She attends Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University and is a campus leader from the Israel club to YUPAC lobby missions in DC. Corrine is majoring in political science and hopes to pursue a career in Israeli diplomacy after graduation. She has been a student of former Amb. Danny Ayalon, has been working for Taglit-Birthright since 2013, interned at the Israeli Consulate in NY, and is now the newest intern in the Hasbara Fellowships office.

Sami Rahamim

University of Minnesota

Sami is a student at the University of Minnesota studying Public and Nonprofit Management. He has finished his first year of college after making the best decision of his life by taking a gap year on the Aardvark Israel program. Since returning to his native Minnesota (the land of the "Frozen Chosen" as he likes to call it), he has gotten involved in way too many Jewish organizations on campus; he will serve as President of Students Supporting Israel at the University of Minnesota, VP of Israel and Jewish Content at Minnesota Hillel. He is also a brother of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity and will serve on the staff of Minnesota Student Association on the Government and Legislative Affairs Team. 

Daniel Livingston

University of Rochester

Daniel Livingston is studying International Relations at the University of Rochester. He is  the President and Co-Founder of RIPAC (The Rochester-Israel Public Affairs Committee), as well as the engagement chairman for Israel Council. His goal is to broaden the base of the pro-Israel movement on campus through grassroots education and sharing his personal Israel story. 

Rachel Greenberg

University of Maryland

Rachel Greenberg is a junior at The University of Maryland, studying Government and Politics and minoring in Global Terrorism. From a young age, Rachel has felt a strong connection to Israel. When she returned from Nativ College Leadership Program, and began her studies at UMD, Rachel became actively involved in various pro-Israel organizations on campus. Rachel was in charge of promotion and co-sponsorship for Maryland Hillel Israel Week which reached thousands of students. This upcoming year Rachel will be President of Shalom Zionists at Maryland/Maryland Israel Coalition. She will also continue to work with Terps for Israel, UMD’s AIPAC affiliate, as the Director of Engagement. Rachel is a Masa intern and strives to send post-graduates back to Israel. She is excited to continue to use the skills she learned on Hasbara Fellowships to effectively advocate and share her passion and love of Israel with the entire University of Maryland community.


Ruby Welkovich

CUNY, Brooklyn

Ruby Welkovich is a Junior at Brooklyn College, double majoring in Theater and Media-Communication. Ruby has been involved in Young Judaea- a Zionist Youth Movement since 2002, and embarked on her Young Judaea Year Couse gap year journey after graduating from high school. After her year abroad, Ruby came to Brooklyn and became involved with Hillel and the Brooklyn College Israel Club, for which she was just elected Vice President. Being a Hasbara Fellow has empowered Ruby to work with these groups and enabled her to plan and excecute more engaging events and activities on campus. Ruby's favorite part of being a fellow is sharing her love for Israeli culture with her peers. 

David Feldman

University of Georgia

David Feldman is the Director of Political Affairs for Students Supporting Israel at the University of Georgia. He is a junior studying Real Estate in Georgia’s Terry College of Business. This summer he is working in the Public Diplomacy department of the Embassy of Israel to the United States in Washington DC.  He has published an article on Truth Revolt about the growing fight on college campuses for Israel’s decent name, and was part of a five-member team that saw the first pro-Israel resolution passed through a Student Government Association in 2014-2015. In the fall, he will remain on the Executive Board of Students Supporting Israel at UGA and continue to advance Pro-Israel legislation, social media, energy and programming at the University of Georgia.


Tali Shaddaei

California State University, Longbeach

Tali Shaddaei is currently pursuing a degree in speech pathology as an undergrad majoring in communicative disorders at CSULB. This coming Fall 2015 she will be a senior attending her college as a first generation college student in the family. Tali started getting involved in campus advocacy this past year when she transferred from community college in Santa Monica. After going on the Hasbara Fellowships program this past winter, Tali was voted to be the president of the pro Israel club on campus called 49ers for Israel. It is Tali's job to plan and execute the weekIy meeting and prepare material to teach the members about different aspects of Israel such as the politics, the culture, the misconceptions and the facts so that they can go and be Israel advocates themselves on and off campus. Tali is also involved in running campus tabling events and helping organize and plan any other events, such as Israel Week. Aside from 49ers for Israel, Tali is also an active participant in Hillel and attends  their shabbats and weekly events. 

Ariella Sibony

York University

Ariella is currently going into her 4th year at York University, majoring in Jewish Studies. When attending York her first year Ariella afraid to get involved in anything political that involved Israel because she had heard of the many incidents that had happened to Jewish and Pro Israel students on campus. After tabling with Hasbara at York, a student run club on campus, she acquired the courage she needed to begin her Israel advocacy. It wasn’t until the BDS motion was passed through York’s student union that Ariella’s passion for Israel advocacy ignited. After going to Israel for the first time on Birthright in December 2013 and then Hasbara Fellowships one year later, Ariella gained a better understanding and confidence in her advocacy and love for Israel. Now she is the Vice President of Hasbara at York, and motivated more than ever to educate York University’s student body about Israel.

Michelle Chayka

University of Minnesota

Michele Chayka is a senior at the University of MN majoring in Political Science with a Hebrew minor. On campus she is involved with the Students Supporting Israel organization and is a secretary on the executive board. Through this organization Michele helps the group organize and execute pro Israel events on campus, such as bringing prominent speakers and hosting Israeli holiday themed events. This last year Michele was also an Israel intern on the campus Hillel leadership team, and with that role she planned various Israel themed events for students and worked to spread Israel awareness to our Hillel community. Michele strives to spread a positive image of Israel to everyone she meets on campus and share with them her Israel story. 

Zary Peretz

Georgia Institute of Technology

Zary Peretz got her start in Israel Advocacy her freshman year at Georgia Tech, when she joined the board of Hillel. Having served four different positions in Hillel, including executive vice president and president, Zary realized that Georgia Tech was missing an organization focused on presenting Israel in a positive light to the community. With the help of her Hasbara Fellowships advisors, Zary founded Yellow Jackets for Israel to promote Israel programming on campus. Within its first semester, YJFI hosted events that brought between 10 and 50 students to teach them about Israel. Zary looks forward to seeing what YJFI can become as she continues into her senior year at Georgia Tech.

Angela Reiser

The Ohio State University

Angela Reiser is a senior at The Ohio State University studying hospitality and plans of opening her own restaurant one day. Angela spent a gap year in Israel on Nativ before college, where she fell in love with Israel.  After her program was over, she knew she wanted to come back and to israel as soon as possible.  Angela also knew that she wanted to become very involved with advocating for Israel on campus.  Angela absolutely loves Ohio State, and is very involved on campus.  She is a proud member of Buckeyes for Israel, where helps advocate for Israel on a day to day basis.  She is also a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi, as well as Recipe for Good- with which she helps make food for the needy and donate food to the local community.  

Jenna Jacoby

California State University, Longbeach

Jenna is a senior at the California State University of Long Beach where she is majoring in anthropology. Her passion and commitment toward pro-Israel activism is a huge part of her life.  Jenna has become involved in the newly developed pro-Israel club on campus, the 49ers for Israel. She also enjoys participating in and attending every event Hillel has to offer. Jenna never passes on an opportunity to bring up Israel in a conversation so she can say all the amazing and positive things the country has to offer. She hopes to continue her work as an advocate for Israel throughout the rest her time at CSULB and during her future journeys, wherever they may take her. 


Greg Kommel

Cal Poly Pomona

Greg Kommel is a junior at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Applied Mathematics.  He started getting involved in Israel advocacy in his freshman year and helped found Broncos for Israel, for which he is now vice president. He is also serving this year as a senator for the Associated Students, Inc.  The knowledge and skills he gained from Hasbara Fellowships constantly helps bring change to his campus. He works hard to fight for Israel and educate people on what's actually going on in the Middle East.

Neta Kanny

University of Georgia

Neta Kanny is a junior at the University of Georgia, majoring in Spanish and minoring in Portuguese. Neta was born in Israel, and because her family lives there, she has always felt a strong connection with the land, along with its history, culture, and people. Since she began her studies at UGA, Neta has been involved at Hillel at UGA as the Vice Presidents of Marketing and Tzedek, as well as working as a part of the University of Georgia AIPAC cadre (UGAIPAC) and acts as the current President of Dawgs for Israel. After returning to campus from the Hasbara Fellowships program, Neta has helped revamp the Pro-Israel message at UGA to demonstrate the importance and significance of Israel globally, and is excited to continue strong advocacy and activism for the State of Israel on the UGA campus. 

Yael Schneiderman

York University

Yael Shneiderman is going into her fourth year at York University, majoring in Kinesiology. She spent a gap year in Israel and falling in love with the country. From the moment she started university, she knew she had to get involved with Israel Advocacy on campus and spread the truth about Israel. She got involved with the pro-israel group Hasbara at York and this year she will be Vice President of Outreach; ready to educate York students and faculty about the real Israel.

Yoel Rotterman

Florida International University

Yoel is a rising junior at Florida International University in Miami pursuing his Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering. After being very involved in his Jewish community in Bogota-Colombia, where he was born and raised, he decided to do a gap year program in Israel in between High School and college with his Zionist youth movement. When he started college he knew he wanted to transmit his experience and knowledge to everyone he could. He got involved with Shalom FIU, and became President on his second semester of school. He is also involved with Hillel at FIU and is a member of the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity. He is currently working at FIU’s Applied Research Center as a DOE Fellow. While on school, Yoel hopes to spread Israel’s fascinating accomplishments to all the student budy.

Meredith Rotwein

University of Texas

Meredith Rotwein is a third year Corporate Finance and Government double major from the University of Texas at Austin. Her involvement at the University of Texas centers around Student Government, the Undergraduate Business Council, and Texas Athletics. This past year, Meredith's efforts have been directed to defeating BDS on their campus, and to bridging together her involvement around campus in order to educate students and create a coalition of pro-Israel support. Students at the University of Texas successfully defeated BDS with the help of numerous individuals, and are working every day to create a positive climate on their campus involving Israel. 

Michelle Herman

Florida Atlantic University

Michelle Herman is going into her second year at Florida Atlantic University. She is very passionate about pro Israel activism on her university's campus. She is greatly involved in her pro Israel group, Owls for Israel. She plans and organizes different events to bring a fun and positive out look on Israel on her campus. Michelle is a political science major and plans to continue studying in that very field. She is very connected with her Judaism and tries to take part in all things with her Hillel. When she is fighting for Israel she is also very involved in her sorority Alpha Delta Pi. 

Gabriella Sobol

Barnard College

Michelle Herman is going into her second year at florida atlantic university. She is very passionate about pro israel activism on her university's campus. She is greatly involved in her pro israel group, Owls for Israel. She plans and organizes different events to bring a fun and positive out look on Israel on her campus. Michelle is a political science major and plans to continue studying in that very feild. She is very connected with her Judaism and tries to take part in all things with her Hillel. When she is fighting for Israel she is also very involved in her sorority Alpha Delta Pi. 

Yael Smolar

SUNY, Binghamton

Yael Smolar is a Junior at Binghamton University, studying Business Administration in the School of Management and minoring in Judaic Studies. After taking a gap year in Israel, Yael came to Binghamton and immediately became involved in Binghamton University Zionist Organization and Bearcats for Israel, for which she is now Vice President. Participating on Hasbara Fellowships has fueled Yael’s work with these groups and her passion for Israel even more. Yael is excited to continue advocating for Israel on campus and developing her connection to Israel even more. 

Joel Sumner

University of California, Merced

Joel is currently a senior studying mechanical engineering at the newest campus of the UC system, the University of California, Merced. Joel’s interest in advocating for Israel developed after participating in Birthright. He has founded Bobcats for Israel at UC Merced and is using what he has gained from Hasbara Fellowships to bring a positive impact on campus by helping students become aware of the positive impact Israel has had on the world. 

Abby Cohen

Lesley University

Abby is a student at Lesley University in Cambridge, MA where she majors in Expressive Art Therapy with a minor in Drama. In addition to being on the Lesley Hillel Executive Board for a year, she has been involved in multiple other student organizations, and is in the process of starting a pro-Israel group on campus. When she's not actively advocating, Abby can be found swing dancing, singing along to musicals, photographing nature, or enjoying a glass of wine. She hopes to visit Israel many times before making Aliyah, and can't wait to continue her journey with Hasbara Fellowships after an incredible first semester as a Hasbara Fellow.


Talia Weisberg

Harvard University

Talia is a student at Harvard University concentrating in Religion with a secondary field in Women, Gender, and Sexuality. In addition to her leadership roles at Harvard Hillel and various campus feminist organizations, she is involved with the Israel Public Affairs Committee at Harvard (IPACH). She has discovered wonder, beauty, and meaning in Israel that she never expected to find, and is dedicated to sharing her love of the land with her fellow Harvard students.

Alan Steiner

CUNY, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Alan Steiner is a senior at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, majoring in Criminal Justice along with two minors, one in political science and one in police studies. After witnessing acts of both anti-israel and anti-semetic occurrences on campus Alan felt he couldn't just sit back and watch. Hasbara Fellowships inspired Alan to take more initiative in fighting back against what was going on. After the Hasbara Fellowships training program in Israel Alan was immediately elected Vice President of John Jay Hillel and has taken action in promoting the positives and truths of Israel.  


Ilana Kramer

The Ohio State University

Ilana Kramer is a junior at The Ohio State University studying psychology. After spending a gap year in Israel in between high school and university, she knew she wanted to become very involved with Buckeyes For Israel at Ohio State. This past year, she was Vice President of Outreach and worked towards collaborating with other student organizations to support Israel on campus. She is also involved in International Affairs Scholars, as well as a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi.

Nelly Schmuel

University of California, Santa Barbara

Nelly is a junior majoring in Global Studies at UC Santa Barbara. She has been involved in UCSB's American Students for Israel since her freshman year and will be this year's Vice President. In the upcoming year, Nelly plans to bring her newly learned Israel Advocacy skills to ASI, as well as continue her involvement with other pro-Israel groups such as Hillel and AIPAC.

Itai Weiss

University of California, Santa Cruz

Itai is a senior at UC Santa Cruz majoring in International Relations. He is a recent transfer student and is involved in Hillel, Chabad, Jewish Student Union, and Slugs for Israel. Itai plans on using what he learned on the Hasbara Fellowships program and his own history as a dual American-Israeli citizen to bring Israel's message of peace to campus and fight BDS.

Hannah Finkel

George Washington University

Hannah is a freshman at the George Washington University and is eagerly looking for ways to be involved in the pro-Israel community in D.C. She spent a gap year between high school and college at a seminary program in Givat Washington Israel. There, she had the opportunity to explore Israel through volunteer work and traveling, really being able to experience and connect to Israel on a whole new level.

Jeremy Tibbetts

University of Massachusetts

Jeremy spent a summer in Israel before going to public school, and while there, decided to take a gap year in Israel. After a semester at Hebrew University and a semester at Yeshivat Ma'ale Gilboa, he came to UMass Amherst energized but unsure how to maximize his impact in Israel Advocacy on campus. Hasbara taught him how to bring is experiences to advocacy, from showing his love of Israel to being able to combat difficulties on campus.

Noah Cohen

Tufts University

Noah Cohen is Vice President of Tufts Friends for Israel. He became connected to Israel after spending three months there with Alexander Muss High School in Israel. This inspired him to take a gap year in Israel and further pursue Israel Advocacy on campus. Israel means so much to him because it is his history, his culture and his home. Noah plans to continue advocacting for Israel because he feels it is his duty as a Jew to support Israel.

Mia Rahmanim

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Mia Rahmanim is a sophomore studying International Business at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She is actively involved in Badgers for Israel and is a proud member of the Nu chapter of Chi Omega Fraternity. Both at home in Chicago and on campus, she is involved in the Jewish life and Israel Advocacy. She has spent the majority of her summers traveling to Israel to visit family, participate in the Israeli culture, and correct her American accent.

Adam Frish

Boston University

Adam Frisch is an incoming freshman to Boston University, where he plans to major in Archeology. While he is not yet involved in any on-campus organizations, this is only because he has not yet had a chance to join them. Adam is however, passionate about getting involved and ready to add his voice and ideas on his campus this upcoming year.

Lauren Pliskin

University of Illinois

Lauren Pliskin is a junior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, studying Political Science and Leadership Studies with a certificate in Arms Control, Disarmament, and International Security. Lauren is also a devoted member to Illini Students Supporting Israel (ISSI), the new pro-Israel group on her campus. In the coming year, Lauren plans to help ISSI utilize the Israel Activism skills she learned on Hasbara Fellowships.

Shana Frankel

University of Maryland

Shana Frankel is a rising senior at the University of Maryland, working towards a BA in Social Work with a minor is Sociology. Shana is an active member of SHAZAM, one of UMD's pro-Israel groups. She spent a gap year learning and traveling throughout Israel, and spent a winter break in Israel on a alternative trip through UMD Hillel. These two experiences inspired Shana to further her education and advocate for Israel by attending the Hasbara Fellowships training program in Israel. She looks forward to bringing all of her newly-gained knowledge back to campus!

Ilana Wernick

University of Maryland

Ilana Wernick is a sophomore at the University of Maryland where she is majoring in Business. After spending a gap year in Israel, Ilana returned with a newfound passion for Israel. As soon as she arrived on campus, she made it a priority to involved herself in Israel Advocacy. She joined "Terps for Israel" - the AIPAC club on campus, in addition to SHAZAM (Shalom Zionists Across Maryland). Ilana is also a member of TAMID, an Israel investment group on campus. While she hopes to one day make Israel her permanent home, she believes that she must first serve her campus.

Ariella Daniels

York University

Ariella Daniels is a junior at York University, majoring in Kinesiology and is a member of the York Lions Swim Team. After her gap year in Israel she decided to postpone her Aliyah plans and return to her community to spread her love for Israel. Ariella is President of Hasbara@York, a student club that is run by the students for the students with the goal to educate the York community. Her goal is to make Israel relevant to everyone because to her Israel has a greater purpose to the entire world.

Ryan Armendariz

University of Arizona

Ryan Armendariz is a sophomore at the University of Arizona and is majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Foreign Affairs and a minor in Spanish. She plans to further her education in International Law. Ryan is active in the pro-Israel group and is hoping to become a representative for Sach a Child's Heart on her campus. She is very passionate about Israel and wants to continue to help spread the knowledge of what an amazing country Israel truly is to the people.

Kevin Hennessey

University of Central Florida

Kevin Hennessey is a Junior at the University of Central Florida pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in History and a minor in both Political Science and Gender Studies. He currently holds the position of Public Education for Knights for Israel, UCF's pro-Israel group and is also a part of Knightpac Cadre (AIPAC) and Christians United for Israel. Kevin is also a proud brother of Phi Gamma Delta.

Dan Poliwoda

University of Western Ontario

Dan Poliwoda is an Honors Middle Eastern History student at the University of Western Ontario and has long been interested in the Near East. Dan is a part of the Executive Council for Israel on Campus at UWO and programming includes discussions, speakeres and teaching.

Ra'am Solomon

University of California, San Diego

Ra'am Solomon is a fourth year Applied Mathmatics major at the Universtiy of California, San Diego. She is president of Tritons for Israel, the pro-Israel organization at UCSD. She is also a member of the Jewish sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi. This past year she was the Israel on Campus Coalition, Grinspoon-Morningstar Intern.

Linor Nulman

Farleigh Dickinson University

Linor Nulman is a sophomore at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey where she is double majoring in Public Relations and Theatre. After visiting Israel almost every summer, it became her second home, and favorite country. During her freshman year Linor noticed a lack of an active pro-Israel community and so she joined Hillel to revive the club and recruit students. Upon returning to campus for the Fall 2014 semester, Linor will  be starting a pro-Israel club and will use her passion for the Jewish State to educate others and spread a pro-Israel, pro-peace message on campus.

Alexandra Brenner

Carleton University

Alexandra Brenner is receiving her Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She is the Vice President of the Israel Awareness Committee that represents both Carleton University and the University of Ottawa. Alexandra has been selected to serve on the Jewish Issues Committee on campus, to represent Jewish students and ensure a comfortable and safe environment. She is the Founder of "CJPAC Generation; Student Leaders," which is aimed at encouraging and empowering pro-Israel high school students to become politically aware and active.

Sandor Farkas

Dartmouth College

Sandor Farkas is a Sophomore at Dartmouth College majoring in Military History. He is President of Dartmouth Students for Israel where he works to promote awareness and understanding of Israeli issues on campus. He is an ROTC cadet and an editor at the Dartmouth Review. Sandor is passionate about U.S. Foreign Policy and Israel's place within it.

Jessie Nejberger

Indiana University

Jessie Nejberger is the Vice President of Outreach at the Hillel at Indiana University as well as an active member and former cadre member of the Indiana Israel Public Affairs Committee (IIPAC) which is affiliated with AIPAC. Jessie is also a former executive board member of College Democrats at IU and served a a liason with IIPAC to help educate student leaders on issues affecting the US-Israel alliance.

Zachary Schaffer

University of Pittsburgh

Zachary Schaffer is a junior at the University of Pittsburgh He has held various leadership positions in the Hillel Jewish Student Union, The Pittsburgh Israel Public Affairs Committee, and Panthers for Israel on his campus. He is also a Founding Father of the Beta Theta Pit fraternity at Pitt and a Senior Staff Photographer for his campus newspaper. During his first two years on campus, he was involved with other Israel Advocacy organizations and has an important role in building up the Israel Advocacy movement on his campus.

Katie Hamelburg

University of Maryland

Katie Hamelburg is a Freshman and is currently active with two Israel groups on her campus, SHAZAM (a pro-Israel cultural group) and Terps for Israel (the University of Maryland AIPAC group) in which she serves on the Engagement Committee. Through the committee she helps facilitate ways to increase Israel awareness on her campus, foster ways for people to be involved in Israel advocacy and attend lobbying trips in DC as a part of the AIPAC Policy Conference with students from the University of Maryland.

David Perl

SUNY, Buffalo

David Perl studies political science and history at the University at Buffalo, in upstate New York. After returning from Birthright in January 2013, David realized that being Jewish, and being pro-Israel meant being part of something truly larger then life. For the 2014-2015 school year, David will be serving as the Secretary of UB for Israel, the official pro-Israel club on campus, where he manages their social media pages. In addition, David will be serving as the Vice President of the Jewish Student Union at the University at Buffalo, and continues to take an active role in the happenings of the Hillel on campus.

Paul Mandell

Drexel University

Paul Mandell is a third year student at Drexel University majoring in Business & Engineering. After going on Birthright, he became the Secretary and Vice President of Dragons for Israel, Drexel's only pro-Israel student group. Prior to becoming a Hasbara Fellow, he went on a service learning trip to Netivot, Israel and worked for Hillel as a Peer Network Engagement Intern.

Brett Krasner

Columbia University

Brett Krasner is an active member in his university’s pro-Israel group, LionPAC, and currently serves on its Research and Response Committee. Brett’s focus is gauging campus’s opinion on Israel issues so that LionPAC can further engage students on campus. With Brett’s help, LionPAC focuses on interacting with Jewish students and non-Jewish students on all issues pertaining to Israel, whether it be advocacy, Israeli politics, and other Middle East issues.

Zachary Silver

Brandeis University

Zachary Silver is a sophomore at Brandeis University majoring in Economics and Business with a minor in East Asian Studies. He is an active member in BIPAC (Brandeis Israel Public Affairs Committee) and SAIPA (Students for Accuracy about Israeli and Palestinian Affairs) which are the main pro-israel groups on campus. Within these pro-israel groups, he helps spread accurate information pertaining to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict as well as further engage students on campus about all aspects of Israel including but not limited to culture, religion and human rights.

Neili Eggert

University of North Carolina

Neili Eggert is the Secretary, Co-Social Chair, and Israel Chair at the UNC-Charlotte Hillel. She has planned multiple events on campus for students to go to learn about Israel. Her goal in this position on the board is to bring Israel's positive contributions to campus, encourage students have haven not been to Israel to participate in Birthright, bring Israeli culture to campus and show the campus community the humanitarian aid and technology that Israel has.

Raphael Fils

Boston University

Raphael Fils is a student at Boston University where he is the Vice President of BUSI - Boston University Students for Israel. Rafi's dedication and enthusiasm is contagious and he is constantly engaging people in conversation and sharing his love and admiration for Israel. He is also a co-founder of Campuses for Israel, an initiative that aims to unite pro-Israel groups across America, and serve as a hub of support, communication and ideas. Rafi has utilized social media, and has encouraged students to stand up for Israel, with different methods and through various platforms.

Max Klapholz

Northeastern University

Max Klapholz is the President of Huskies for Israel at Northeastern University. Max began his involvement as political chair, and his programming ideas, inspirational op-eds, and enthusiasm for Israel, led him to his newest post as President. Max is also the President of the Jewish Medical Network - a new initiative aiming to connect pre-medical students with their professional counterparts as mentors. Max is a consummate leader and is looked to for advice by students and pro-Israel leaders throughout the Boston-Israel community.

Jacob Kessler

Hunter College

Jacob is a freshman at Hunter College in New York City, studying political science and Arabic and is an honors student at the Macaulay Honors College. Jacob, along with another Hasbara Fellow, started Hunter Colleges' first ever Israel group, Hunter Students for Israel. He has interned for two members of Congress and currently interns for the Israeli Mission at the UN.

Dor Cohen

Brandeis University

Dor Cohen is a Sophomore at Brandeis University, studying Politics and Legal Studies. He is a member of Brandeis Israel Public Affairs Committee, and is the Campus Engagement Coordinator for Students for Accuracy about Israeli and Palestinian Affairs.

Michelle Bielas

University of Southern California

Michelle Bielas a sophomore at USC was a participant in a gap year program in Israel, Shnat Hajshara, with other Latin Jews. During this program, she partook in a leadership seminar, completed basic army training in the Israeli Defense Force (Marva Course), volunteered at Kibbutz Revivim and worked in Tel Aviv. Although not her first time in Israel, this year-long visit strengthened her passion for Israel and led her to join SC Students for Israel during her freshman year as well as become a member of TAMID. Michelle is currently acting as co-president of SCSI. 

Jordan Mishlove

San Diego State University

Jordan Mishlove is a sophomore studying International Political Science.   Ever since participating in the Hasbara Fellowships Israel program he has been the biggest advocate for Israel and everything about it.  He is currently a Birthright Ambassador on his campus as well as an active member in the Pro-Israel organization.

David Schwartz

Brandeis University

David is a sophomore and the Events Coordinator of BIPAC. He is from Newton, Massachusetts, and hopes to double major in Business and Psychology. He spent a year and a half in Israel before beginning his studies as a mid-year. Israel and the US-Israel relationship are two of his passions, and David feels fortunate to be able to put this passion into action at BIPAC. David looks forward to being events coordinator and helping BIPAC grow in many ways!


Becca Sirota

Emory University

Becca Sirota is a sophomore at Emory University double majoring in Human Health and Biology. Becca has always had a strong love and connection for the state of Israel from a young age. After living in Jerusalem for a year before starting college, her love for the country transformed into a passion as she began to heavily involve herself with various Israel related activities. In high school she participated in the AIPAC group, in Israel she was a JerusalemU fellow, and currently she is a Hasbara fellow as well as an active member of Emory Students for Israel, Emory’s main pro-Israel organization. Becca’s other extracurriculars include executive member of the Hillel board, a member of JHealth—a Jewish health organization, and a teacher at JKG—a Jewish Sunday school in Atlanta. She looks forward to increasing her Israel involvement during the next few years. 

Rivka Cohen

Boston University

Rivka Cohen is from Atlanta, Georgia. She is a sophomore at Boston University studying Public Relations and with training in Theater of the Oppressed. She hosts workshops on campus about Israel. Rivka has worked as an au-pair in Israel. She hopes to make aliyah after graduation.

Rina Schiller

Hunter College

Rina is currently a Sophomore at Hunter College and is studying Emerging Media and Computer Science. She is the President and co-founder of Hunter's first pro Israel group, Hunter Students for Israel. Rina studied at a seminary in Israel for the year and afterwards felt like she wanted to share its beauty with the rest of the world. Rina is excited to build a foundation for a lasting and influential pro-Israel group at Hunter College.

Jack Kwatinetz

American University

Jack is a sophomore at American University studying Political Science and International Studies. He is an active member of two pro-Israel groups. Jack is the Chief-of-Staff for AU Students for Israel (AUSFI) and Social Media Coordinator of of AmeriPAC. He is excited to use the skills he learned during the Hasbara Fellowships program to improve both groups and to be a better Israel Advocate at AU.

Ava Schein

Barnard College

Ava is a sophomore at Barnard College of Columbia University studying Anthropology and Human Rights. Thought heavily involved on campus at the Columbia/Barnard Hillel, Ava's primary Israel advocacy work lies in her three-year volunteer-ship at Ultimate Peace, a peace program from Jewish-Israeli, Arab-Israeli, and Palestinian youth. At Ultimate Peace, Ava helps to break down social and political barriers in order to secure a more peaceful future for Israel through the sport of Ultimate Frisbee, serving as a coach each summer, and as the usual social media coordinator throughout the year.

Robyn Frum

Ohio State University

Robyn is a junior at The Ohio State University studying biology with a minor in Hebrew. Hasbara Fellowships has inspired her to take an active role in revitalizing Buckeyes for Israel. She created BFI's first Facebook page where they share personal stories about Israel. She is involved with the Mount Leadership Society, a scholars program, where she acted as a community service chair.

Ariana Strauss

San Diego State University

Ariana is a junior Graphic Design student at San Diego State University. She was involved in Aztecs for Israel during her Freshman and Sophomore years. Ariana is even more eager to advocate for Israel on campus after visiting Israel twice. Hasbara Fellowships gave her the tools to analyze and think critically of the situation and why it is important to support Israel.