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Hasbara Fellow of the Month

Campus of the Month

Partner of the Month

Criteria for Nomination:

Fellow of the Month:

  • Has been a leader on campus for the pro-Israel community.
  • Has implemented a successful and effective pro-Israel initiative on campus including:
    • Organized an event or campaign that helped educate the 90% on Israel
    • Written an op-ed and published it on campus
    • Built a coalition/relationship with a non-Israel related campus group
    • Initiated a pro-Israel social media initiative
  • Maintains a positive relationship with Hasbara Fellowships

Campus of the Month:

  • Have had several pro-Israel events on campus
  • Have developed goals for the pro-Israel organization
  • Have had a strong presence on social media
  • Has built a strong coalition with a group outside the Jewish community
  • Has published several articles in the campus newspaper

Partner of the Month:

  • Has worked closely with Hasbara Fellows and staff to educate students on campus about Israel
  • Has collaborated with Hasbara Fellows and staff to organize programming on campus
  • Has assisted Hasbara Fellows and staff in developing relationships with other key students on campus
  • Communicates regularly with Hasbara Fellows and staff
  • Has recruited students to participate in the Hasbara Fellowships program to Israel