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Northern California is Hella Pro-Israel!

Sep 27, 2010

Don't Forget!!!

3rd Annual Israel Advocacy Mini-Retreat, 2010
[The entire event, kosher meal included is FREE!]
Sun Oct. 3, 9-5pm (registration opens at 8:30am)
Palo Alto JCC, 3921 Fabian Way

Coalition Building at Johns Hopkins and Vanderbilt

Sep 21, 2010

By Abram Shanedling

A crucial element of effective pro-Israel activism is coalition building. Developing strategic relationships with other students, leaders and campus organizations who share the interests and values that Israel epitomizes can lead to partnerships that benefit everyone in terms of recruitment, promotion, media coverage and accomplishing your overall semester goals.

Ontario Clubs Weeks

Sep 20, 2010

By: Nathaly Schneider

Hello! Welcome!

I hope everyone survived Yom Kippur 2010, and that your bellies are full and your minds reenergized for the new school week!

Philadelphia Region Update

Sep 20, 2010
Hey everyone,

This is Gabe Toran, Hasbara's new Campus Coordinator for the Philadelphia region. I am a senior at Temple University and very excited to be working with the Hasbara staff and the rest of the fellows on campus in Philadelphia and New Jersey.

Hasbara Fellowships National Update

Sep 20, 2010

By: Natalie Menaged

Hi Everyone –

As we wrap up an exciting week of the Hasbara Campus Pulse, it is incredible to see how many student activists are already hard at work planning a phenomenal semester of Israel activism!

Activism Training in Arizona and Southern California

Sep 20, 2010

by: Alan Levine

A very important part of pro-Israel activism is educating our base.  Though we must always reach out to those who have not yet joined the pro-Israel movement, it is very important to educate our own committed activists.  They need to know the issues well and learn how to articulate Israel’s message.

Central Canada Update

Sep 17, 2010

By: Ashley Faintuch

School has begun, and central Canada is gearing up for an amazing year! Expect amazing programs and campaigns, and top notch and engaging speakers. Some speakers we are expecting include Neil Lazarus, Gil Hoffman, and Amos Guiora.

Great Potential

Sep 16, 2010

By: Zach Paikin

As a new school year begins in the Montreal and Ottawa regions, we have reasons to be both optimistic and pessimistic. Last year was a turbulent time for both of these regions.

Northern California Campus Updates

Sep 16, 2010
Save the Dates!!!

Northern California Israel Advocacy Mini-Retreat!
Sunday October 3rd 9a-5p (registration @ 8:30a)
Palo Alto JCC, 3921 Fabian Way

Update from the Midwest Region

Sep 15, 2010

By Leo Nayfeld

With the sad end to the summer begins an exciting new semester at schools throughout the Midwest, and schools throughout the region have gotten off to a blazing start! The Midwest sent many students on Hasbara Fellowships programs to Israel this summer including Adam Baer from Miami University, Michael Jacobson from Indiana University, and Wendy Cohen, Galia Nurko, Sarah Perrill, Rebecca Wasserstein, and Mandy Gross from The Ohio State University. The new Fellows have already begun extensive work on their campuses.

New York Update

Sep 15, 2010

Now that that we are midway through the holidays and already settled into somewhat of a comfortable school routine, Hasbara campus coordinators are hard out work helping our fellows all over the U.S. and Canada.

Introducing Team Canada

Sep 14, 2010

On behalf of the new Canadian Campus Coordinators, we’d like to welcome you to the Campus Pulse!  Before we tell you all about the awesome adventures of the Hasbara-Canada crew, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Update from the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest

Sep 14, 2010

By Abram Shanedling

Now that school’s been in session for almost two weeks in the Mid-Atlantic and most Midwestern schools, pro-Israel student groups are already hard at work planning important campaigns to demonstrate Israel’s quest for peace this semester.

Back to School! Gearing Up for Campus Activism this Fall Term

Aug 31, 2010

By Abram Shanedling

It’s that time of year again. School season is in the air. But amid all the chaos that comes with the start of this fall’s semester, it’s also important not to leave out your planning for your pro-Israel group and campus activism.

Here are a few ideas to consider that will hopefully help you better achieve your semester/year long aspirations.

New class of Hasbara Fellows ready to hit their campuses

Aug 30, 2010

Hasbara Fellowships recently concluded an exciting and very successful summer with two of its Hasbara Fellowships Activism Training Seminars in Israel. Seventy students from over 45 campuses attended the programs, which were based at the Aish HaTorah World Center in the Old City of Jerusalem.

With their new knowledge and tools, the students are excited and ready to return to their campuses.