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From Idea to Reality

Apr 10, 2014

By: Hali Haber, University of Central Florida, Hasbara Fellow ’13

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An Open Letter

Apr 1, 2014

By: Yael Rabin, Binghamton University, Hasbara Fellow

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The Hard Truth of Peace

Mar 27, 2014

By: Brett Krasner, Columbia University, Hasbara Fellow '14

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Knocking Out Divestment

Mar 25, 2014

By: Barry Jakob, Midwest Regional Advisor

The upcoming BDS vote at the University of Michigan reminds us the anti-israel movement is alive and spreading in North America universities- and our community should adapt positive messaging tactics to defeat the divestment movement and institutionalize a Jewish voice in campus life.

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Graffiti for a good cause at UNLV

Mar 19, 2014

By: Andrew Spivak, Director of The Hillel Jewish Student Center at UNLV & Hasbara Fellowships Campus Partner

Three world famous graffiti artists recently descended on University of Nevada, Las Vegas’s campus for the largest pro-Israel advocacy event in the school’s history. During the all day event on Monday, February 24th, the artists painted a mural on a ten foot tall, plywood wall on UNLV’s North Field. The mural featured UNLV’s mascot, Hey Reb, in an inspiring message about Israel. The occasion was hosted by The Hillel Jewish Student Center and Students For Israel. It marked the first event for the UNLV Students for Israel group since being reestablished earlier this semester.

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Opinions: A Response to Evan Goldstein’s Reflection on AIPAC

Mar 17, 2014

By: Michael Woodbury, Hasbara Fellow, Boston College

Author’s note: I too spent the first weekend of spring break in Washington DC for the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) 2014 Policy Conference.  Below is my reflection on, and response to, the atrocious article by Evan Goldstein published on March 10, 2014 under the title: “Opinions: A Reflection on the AIPAC Policy Conference.”  The content is my own, and does not reflect the opinions of The Gavel or any organizations with which I am affiliated.

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Why being passionate makes us unique

Mar 13, 2014

By Daniella Berger, Hasbara Fellow '13, University of Maryland

A year ago, I was lost. I came back from my gap year with an immense love for Israel, and a desire to go back as soon as I could. During my year there, I discovered an intense desire to make aliyah and create my life in the Jewish homeland. So coming back for college was a little bit of a letdown at first. Starting at University of Maryland was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. It was huge, and intense, and different, and I suddenly regressed back to being the lost baby freshman without a clue of what I was doing.

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The Minneapolis Model: Innovating Israel Advocacy

Mar 11, 2014

By: Barry Jakob, Hasbara Fellowships Midwest Regional Advisor

Our community can rejoice in the fact that the past thirty days are showcased with pivotal victories for Israel advocacy. The recent successfully adopted pro-Israel legislation in the Minnesota Student Association (MSA) spearheaded by the Students Supporting Israel at the University of Minnesota (SSI) produces such cause to count our blessings.

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Sunshine & Surfing at UCSB

Mar 7, 2014

By: Yael Steinberg

On February 20th, pro-Israel students creatively appealed to the members of their beach loving community by screening the film, “Promised Land: Israel Through the Eyes of Surfers.” The event went incredibly well. Over 250 students and members of the community from all different faiths and backgrounds came to see what life was life for surfers living in Israel.

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The US-Israel Relationship

Feb 27, 2014

By: Nicole Bayat Grajewski, Hasbara Fellow '14, George Washington University

In 1948 President Harry Truman recognized the state of Israel, a mere 11 minutes after the signing of its Declaration of Independence. Despite serious objections from Secretary of State George C. Marshall and the “Arabists” in the State Department, the Truman Administration approached the Israel question as one, beyond latent military power and hegemonic supremacy.  The United States and Israel shared a common narrative in their struggle for independence; moreover, both states grew stronger in the face of adversity.

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The Important of Israel Peace Week

Feb 26, 2014

By: Jonathan Dress, Original Creator of Israel Peace Week & Hasbara Fellow '09, University of Cincinnati

In just a few years since its conception, Israel Peace Week (IPW) has reached over 75 campuses! For all of you that have helped make this happen, celebrate your achievement. And for all of you who will be joining the IPW initiative for the first time, get excited, because IPW has the potential to personally engage millions of students! Once we consider that the future leaders of tomorrow are students on our campuses today, we are able to fully grasp the powerful impact of IPW. Let this grand vision motivate us to reach as many students as we can and spread the mission of Israel Peace Week.

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Putting IU on the Right Side of History

Feb 25, 2014

By: Sahar Farahi, Hasbara Fellow '13


I am proud to call myself a Hoosier. I attend a University that strives to provide groundbreaking research and whose basketball team almost made it to the Elite Eight at the NCAA Championship last year.
Above all, I attend an educational institution that promises an environment where professors and students alike are ethical in their academic work, take personal responsibility and respect the dignity of others.

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Israel Peace Week: How It All Started

Feb 24, 2014

By: Anna Richlin, Hasbara Fellow '10, University of Rochester

It’s hard to believe that it was almost 5 years ago that Israel Peace Week was born. Israel Peace Week was the brain-child of 4 ambitious pro-Israel students looking to make a change. It all began in Israel, January 2010, after participating in Hasbara Fellowships. We were sitting in Japanika in Jerusalem reflecting on the last two weeks of intensive Israel Advocacy Training, discussing what it would be like when we returned to campus. Hasbara had charged us with going back to campus and implementing Israel Advocacy programming. Rather than doing something ordinary, we wanted to do something extraordinary. We discussed the anti-Israel presence on our campuses, and our fear of the upcoming annual Israel Apartheid Week, a global movement that denigrates Israel as an Apartheid State. We realized that there had been no unilateral initiative to combat this widespread hatred and we saw it as our responsibility to make a change, and fast.

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Celebrating the Best of Human Compassion

Feb 20, 2014

By: Emily Stigall & Doron Feur, Hasbara Fellows '14

Broncos for Israel and Hillel of Cal Poly Pomona are proud to celebrate our amazing success in a first joint philanthropy event for Save A Child’s Heart, an Israel-based organization that helps provide life-saving open-heart surgery for children from developing countries.

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Fighting BDS at Binghamton University

Feb 17, 2014

By: Yael Rabin, Hasbara Fellow '13

On Wednesday, February 12 the Haifa Symphony Orchestra performed at Binghamton University’s Anderson Center. The Haifa Symphony Orchestra has been the focal point of musical life in northern Israel since its founding in 1950 and facilitates educational musical programs catering towards all of Israel’s youth.

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