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Response Team Conference in August

The effort to stop Iran’s uranium enrichment and possible achievement of a nuclear bomb is not complete. As the largest state sponsor of international terrorism, a blatant violator of human rights, whose leader has publicly denied the Holocaust and has called for the destruction of Israel and several Western countries, Iran poses one of the largest threats to U.S., Israeli and global security.

This campaign pairs interactive educational programming and resources with multimedia, written and printed materials to provide students and activists with:

Interested in more on the history of Iran and the threats of its current nuclear development? Screen the new documentary Iranium on your campus! This powerful, hour-long film reviews the growth of Iran's nuclear threat, featuring rarely before seen footage of Iranian leaders and interviews with leading politicians, Iranian dissidents and experts on Middle East policy, terrorism and nuclear proliferation.

View the trailer here and read more about the controversy it has already stirred with the Iranian government!

Order a copy for your campus today!

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