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Israel Peace Week 

Israel Peace Week (IPW) is a grassroots initiative to counter anti-Israel propaganda with a simple, positive message: Israel wants peace and has demonstrated its willingness to make painful sacrifices for peace.  The campaign also outlines options for peace, existential threats to the Jewish state, and the values and accomplishments of a thriving Israeli democracy in an otherwise despotic region.  

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People to People. Nation to Nations. 

People to People. Nation to Nations. is a showcase of Israel’s sustainability and humanitarian projects around the world.  This inspiring initiative includes a series of materials that focus on projects Israel is doing in conjunction with other countries.  These initiatives include helping the environment, better agriculture, sharing medical technology, etc. Humanitarian projects and things that Israel does in times of crises for other countries, like sending relief teams, will be discussed as well. 

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Think Green. Think Blue. 

Think Green. Think Blue. aims to bring attention to Israel's global partnerships, illustrating the ways in which Israel's public and private sectors are committed to the Jewish value of "Tikun Olam" - fixing the world that we all share.

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Did You Know? Israel Fact Cards 

Hasbara Fellowships offers a wide variety of Did You Know? Israel Fact Cards to help you with your on-campus or community campaigns.   

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Support Human Rights? Support Israel. 

Israel is a model of human rights and democratic values, particularly in the Middle East, a region consisting otherwise of dictatorships that severely limit personal freedoms.  Hasbara Fellowships presents a new series of attractive and informative postcards on topics including freedom of the press, gender equality, democratic government, civil liberties, and religious freedom in Israel. 

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Friend Request Pending… 

The Friend Request Pending… campaign aims to engage students and campus communities, highlighting the Israeli commitment to peace and demonstrating that a lasting solution requires cooperation, not unilateralism between partners in peace.  The campaign includes a set of posters and fact cards for distribution on campus, as well as an informative webpage with talking points, action ideas, a petition, and additional resources. 

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I Vote Israel 

The Israeli elections are a perfect opportunity to educate your campus about Israeli democracy.  Join the “I Vote Israel” campaign.  Learn about the Israeli political parties directly from Israeli students via short YouTube videos, and then cast a ‘vote’ for the party with which you identify on an interactive Facebook webpage.  

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Activism Training Seminars 

Hasbara Fellowships staff is stationed around the country and available to visit you, your student group, and your campus!  Contact us to schedule a visit and learn about recent Israeli history.  You’ll also learn and practice new tactics and strategies to be effective pro-Israel activists. 

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