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Social Media Internship

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In a 21st century world, social media has become a central aspect of political advocacy and social change. Hasbara Fellowships is proud to initiate an advocacy internship to offer select students the expertise, knowledge, and tools to become expert social media resources for their Israel group and Jewish community. Qualified students will undergo specialized training with Hasbara’s Social Media Manager and work with Hasbara Regional Staff to accomplish personalized social media goals.


PLEASE NOTE: Deadline to apply is Friday, August 25, 2017.


  • Interns will gain useful tools in social media advocacy, becoming an expert in their pro-Israel group and community.
  • Excellent resume builder and important tradecraft in all post-college professions.
  • Interns get prioritized support & resources, including social media grants, specialized training, and networking opportunities in relation to digital advocacy.
  • Participate in nationwide social media campaigns (i.e. Israel Peace Week, Yom Ha’atzmaut campaigns).
  • Prioritized access to Hasbara Fellowships advocacy trip to Israel during winter/summer seasons.
  • The opportunity to earn a $250 stipend.


  • Actively participate in 6 online webinar training sessions.
  • Create a personalized social media plan with Hasbara staff.
  • Communicate regularly (at least monthly) with Hasbara Regional Staff and your Internship Coordinator about implementing plans.
  • Help create and implement national social media campaigns.
  • Internship lasts duration of current academic year (i.e 2017-18).


  • Ideal candidates should be the social media, outreach, or marketing chair for their pro-Israel groups.
  • Applicants must have at least one semester of campus experience, practical knowledge of all major social media platforms, and be actively involved in Israel related matters on campus.