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Strategic Planning offers campuses that are not yet ready for Impact Planning the opportunity to build strategic plans with their Hasbara regional advisor. 

Strategic Planning campuses are eligible to receive $500 for building and implementing plans. These campuses are not required to complete monthly reports, but also will not be eligible to receive the amount of funding or support that Impact Planning campuses receive. 
If you are interested in applying to be a Strategic Planning campus please complete the following:


Name of Israel Group:   

Your position in your Israel group:  

How many people do you have in your Israel group?

How regularly do you hold your Israel board meetings?

What are the positions on your executive board?

How many undergraduates do you have in your university?

There are three areas of Impact:

  • 1) Building Your Base (internal education and effective board structure/meetings)
  • 2) Public Engagement (divided into: Programming, Tabling, Campus Media)
  • 3) Coalition Building (building relationships with campus groups) Rank them in order of importance from MOST important TO LEAST important for what is needed on campus.

Have you already set goals for the upcoming year? If so, describe them.

Which other Israel organizations do you work with? (Campus based and national)?

Were you already a Strategic Planning campus this past year?

If yes, what did you learn from the process that will help you be even more successful at Strategic Planning this coming year?

How were you (personally) involved in this Strategic Plan?

Do you understand that this is a commitment of monthly reporting, regular tracking, and ongoing contact with your regional advisor?